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    My KTM RC8R Superbike is initially one of fifty bikes Worldwide for TRACK USE ONLY....Now, it's a One-of-a-kind!!! (Read below)

    Original Price: $19,999
    Adds and Extras (not incl. labor): $22,000
    Estimated total $42,000 to duplicate
    (Also a decent amount of spares not added to that)

    So what I've done is taken that Investment and depreciating this race bike to 40%: $16,800

    Next, the fairings aren't perfect, so I'm deducting $900 for you to get new fairings: $16,000

    Next, if you have new fairings, you need them painted, so I'm subtracting $800: $15,200

    Lastly, I'm willing to pay for shipping anywhere within the lower 48 states, up to $700, if you wish to take care of that or pick up in person, I'll reduce price by that amount.

    So.....for $15,200 you get a one-of-a-kind Superbike, and this bike will ALSO include the Starlane Lap timer, and I will throw in my Garmin Virb Elite camera that I've used to document my past races with as seen on my YouTube Channel and Facebook page (These collectively cost me over $800).

    So, you ask, what makes this Race Spec so very unique???

    This KTM has the AMAZING Race Cams, to my knowledge, I have not heard of any other Race Spec in the country with these installed, they are EXTREMELY expensive, and they make the power so very usable, couple these with the Rapid Bike and you have a dream race bike!

    As mentioned above, this KTM has Rapid Bike professionally installed and tuned by EDR out of Portland, Eric Dorn was able to get 176 rwhp and rear wheel torque to 95+ pound-feet!!! That's very close to a Ducati 1299S with 100 fewer cc's!!! Let that sink in!!! Not only did Eric do this, he made the hp line be an almost perfect straight line at 45 degrees, and the torque curve looks like somebody's heart rate monitor flat-lined!!! It's a straight line across the bottom from roughly 5,600 RPMs to 10,800 RPMs, and this is a dream come true!!!
    What does the Rapid Bike Control:
    *Launch Control (ALL adjust at fingertips)
    *Engine Braking
    *Fuel-to-Air Mixture
    *Clutchless Shift stiffness
    *Traction Control
    *RPM control
    *Auto adjusts for different octanes of anything from Pump Gas to U4.4!!!

    Also, Rapid Bike software affords the tuner the ability to tune each cylinder individually, this prevents early race wear and tear, and smoother throttle response.

    This bike's very first upgrade was Ohlins top of the line Steering damper, and it has done an amazing job for me all these years!

    This Race bike has color matching SAMCO Race Hose Kit and Clamps, they really make this bike "POP"!!! I would say with confidence, this bike gets more pics from spectators than any other bike in the paddock, if you don't want the attention of a Rockstar, then don't buy my bike, it commands attention both on and off the track....the soundtrack the spectators are privy to, is yet another reason they want to come see this bike up close and personal, it's a symphany.

    One of the exclusive feature of my Superbike is that I purchased HMC's rear race shock that was a one-off from WP at KTM HQ in Austria, this shock would cost $10k or more to duplicate, I tell folks it's Chris Fillmore's from his AMA A bike that he did so well on at Fontana with Chris and John Ulrich's 3 race season to fill in the Calendar when DSB announced a 6 race season schedule. I cannot confirm this, it could be Taylor Knapp's A bike's rear shock instead, but either way, it was special made for their rider. I will pay to have re-sprung for your stated weight (my cost), it's presently sprung for 225-240 lb racer. I will also have the front sprung to match your stated weight, so when you receive it, it'll be ready to race.

    I only use Pirelli Diablo slicks, or rain tires on this bike, the slicks have at least a practice and race day left at present, they were put on late October for Houston.

    In addition to the super light forged aluminum Marchesini wheels, this bike also has the OEM Orange RC8R heavier wheels with brakes all around and mounted with Pirelli Race rain tires that were only on track in Portland 2 abbreviated sessions and 1 full race, lots of life left on them.

    This bike came ready to race except the safety wire and water wetter, rest assured, those were done before I took possession of her, I have named her Renee. She has a clean title, I am the original owner. No Bank Loans to satisfy.

    I am sponsoring a female racer on my Triumph 675R, as well as racing an R1 in Portland this year, and I need to let Renee go to a good home! With Ducati deleting their V-Twin Race bikes, and these bikes becoming more and more rare to find, you can bet your bottom dollar that this bike will start to climb up in future value, I wish I could keep her, but I haven't won the lottery just yet LOL.

    It's being kept at a Professional Race Shop in North Texas, comes with color matching front and rear stands made by KTM.

    Call or Text 97 two-46 seven-700 three

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    I zoomed my screen out because I thought it had blown up in size.. nope. Just huge font :crackup:
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    I feel like you're yelling at me to buy a bike that has a matching Samco kit, stands - and was housed at a professional race shop - while detailing how depreciation works. It's both educational and informational, although I'm not sure tying names to riders who may or may not have ridden the bike, is beneficial.

    I was also expecting something at the end of the ad to read, "And if you buy this bike now, WE'LL DOUBLE THE OFFER - AND GIVE YOU TWO BIKES. (Just pay separate processing).

    All in good fun. Good luck with Renee.
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    maybe he's a used car salesman? lol...all in good fun indeed

    WANABE RACER Well-Known Member

    Shit we ain’t that bad:Poke:
    All kidding aside it’s a pretty bike
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    ekraft84.....ummmm partial to Ducati doesn't preclude anyone from loving my KTM LOL :D
    Having said that, you're confusing Bold with ALL CAPS hahahaha ;)
    eKraft84 do me this favor, go to top and ONLY read the Bold....I promise you that you'll get why I did that!!!
    There's at least two types or real buyers on these types of posts, skimmers, and those who want a story, I would never buy a bike from these posts without emotional attachment to said bike, and I know more racers like me than not....then you have the bottom-liners, what's it got, how much did you spend, why are you pricing it the way you are, so I used my craft, sales training/sales for nearly 35 years, to do both using the Bold (NOT ALL CAPS) to satisfy both audiences, KNOWING I'd get ribbed by those folks I love the most, smart a$$es LOL :D
    zstyem86 nope, I did sell new cars, and I was a leasing manager for highline cars across the country, but neither used my stylism above ;)
    WANABE RACER thanks so much!!!
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    It' a badass bike!!
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    All respectable offers will be given consideration!!!
    Text or call...97 two-46 seven-700 three Fox

    Ps I never said my bike was raced by Chris or Taylor, only that the HMC rear shock was raced on either or their A bikes, Taylor wasn't there long, so it's a solid bet it was Chris Fillmore's rear shock for his last A bike. (just to clarify from a post above).
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    PRICE DROP...$14,200 and still includes shipping to Lower 48 or $700 credit if you pick up or arrange your own shipping.
    (Remember has Clean Title in my name, no bank loans to satisfy)
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    Price drop!!! After a friend in the know took a look at my ad, he said it still needs to drop in price for the market place, so, I'm STILL covering the Shipping to lower 48 states, BUT, here's the new price...
    $13,300 get it now!!!
  13. TheRealFox

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    REDUCED to $12,800

    (including Shipping to lower 48 states, please help this go to a fast racer/track rider who deserves something AMAZING!!!)

    Call me 972-467-700 three
  14. Jesse Williams

    Jesse Williams Need more track time! Always!!

    I sold used cars for 15 years. I liked it.
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    by any chance do you have the rear wheel for sale? need a spare. Thanks
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    Ruben, if I were to do ANY parting out, It'd be make me an offer on set of front and back with Pirelli rains on them, then I'd have to adjust my selling price in kind. But a single wheel, that wouldn't be equitable to future owner, and it'd leave me without a pckg set of rims for the rain. So if that's something you're interested in, text me your offer and I'll call you with an answer. 972-467-700 three
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    Billy Mays Approves of this Ad!

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    I agree on selling the complete set but i already have a spare front. Best of luck on the bike sale, I'll be selling one of mine at the end of the race season as well. It's a hella nice bike, everyone loves 'em, but a small buying market. I've had ducs, aprilias and japs; by far the best complete performance package on this bike.
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    Thank you Riot and Ruben, yes it totally is, and with the rapid bike and cams, it's like what riding in Heaven will be like LOL :D
    Yeah, I understand Ruben, it took some patience to find those wheels, and everything I did to make sure they were perfect, just don't think putting the next owner in the same position you're in is for the best ;) thanks for understanding. Fox
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    Shipping is now on you, however, it's at a Pro Race Shop in North Dallas, so it'll be easy.... but this price is scraping the bottom of the barrel!!!
    $12,600 gets everything BUT shipping, includes lap timer and Garmin Virb Elite, and ANY/ALL spares.

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