2012 Ducati 1199 Race/Track Bike - $17,000

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    For sale is my 2012 Ducati 1199 trackbike. Located in Las Vegas, NV.

    Asking: $17,000

    History: Purchased new (MSO in hand) by Brian Healea who at the time worked for Ducati. The bike was stripped down and all street parts were removed. As you can tell from the pictures, it was taken all the way down and rebuilt as a racebike. All of the work was done by Matt Carr at Ducati Indy, Travis Shultze at Ducati Milwaukee, and Ben Fox for the engine work. The bike was sold to me just a few months ago from the 2nd owner who only rode it a few sessions at a trackday. I am selling due to develop my skills on a 600. This bike is way too much for me, my loss is your gain.

    List of Modifications
    Fox Performance Engines – Ben Fox
    1) Carrillo rods
    2) Balanced crank
    3) Mild headwork
    4) Thin head gasket
    5) Lightened stock flywheel – between Superlegerra & R weight
    6) Manual cam timing

    Ducati Milwaukee - Travis Schultze “TJ”
    1) Lots of custom parts for part relocation on frame
    2) Frame mods for proper shift clearance
    3) Shift mods to take freeplay out of shift lever
    4) Air injection removed
    5) Rexxer Ecu flashed to raise rev limit to R model and remove closed loop
    6) Superstock Termignoni header kit & Termignoni mufflers
    7) Both Up Maps for Termignoni exhaust
    8) Base of fuel tank shrouded in gold foil.
    9) Ducati Performance footpeg kit
    10) Ducati Performance racing seat
    11) Ducati Performance racing quick-release fuel cap
    12) Ducati Performance folding lever kit
    13) Ducati Performance tall windscreen
    14) Woodcraft case covers
    15) Armor Bodies race fiberglass
    16) Quick disconnect fuel line
    17) MWR Race air filter
    18) Titanium bolts
    19) Spare battery for cold start
    20) Remote key & relocated toggle switch/kill switch
    21) Power Commander V
    22) Shorai Li-Ion battery relocated
    23) Ducati Data Analyzer
    24) Updated rear brake with exposed nut/safety wired
    25) Fully safety wired

    Ducati Indy – Matt Carr
    1) 53mm Marzocchi Forks with Ohlins NIX30 – 30mm internals
    2) Ohlins TTX MKII rear

    614 Paintworx – Paul
    1) Decals & Paint

    I also have for an additional fee, a full set of used race bodywork with wrap (can be seen in pictures), full stock black bodywork, brand new black OEM tank, every stock part that came off the bike when new, and a spare set of wheels with rotors and new Pirelli slicks.

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    more pics 2

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    more pics 3. The picture with the model shows the 2nd set of bodywork. Those wheels do not come with the bike. The stock black ones do.

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    Amazing bike. Who makes those leathers??
  8. hockyis1

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    Nice Jugs.
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    Any details on the second set of fairings? Willing to sell separate, brand, condition, price, etc?

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    I'd prefer to give a potential buyer first shot at all the spares. If I don't get any bites in the next couple of weeks, I will probably start selling off the spares.

    As for the spare race fairings, the brand is Armour Bodies. They are in "good" shape and have some wear on the bottom of the belly from rocks/debris. Otherwise the typically visible areas are fine.

    Not even sure on price for these. What does used bodywork go for that have a $1,500 wrap on them??

    I'll get higher resolution pictures of the spare body work soon. Thanks for the interest.
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    Just a few more things I forgot to mention....

    1) Bike is tuned for VP U4.4
    2) I have the dyno graph for the build. 176hp and 86ft/lbs to the wheel tuned for usable power.
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    Thanks for the reply - no rush, because if I wind up making my 899 track-only it will be a winter project. Good luck with the sale
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    Bump! Bike including all spares 18k

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