2011 Ducati 848 evo Phily area $6500

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Bmauger, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Bmauger

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    8483.jpg 8481.jpg 8482.jpg
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    The Motor is Superstock rebuild at 2000 miles with 5500ish total on it now. Mapped for MR12 and 260gtx. I only ran race fuel a handful of times, mostly run on pump gas as it has Bazzaz FiTC with Autotune w/map switch. Run for track days only by an old guy now. It was Indy Ducati team bike as they did the rebuild. Also has everything to be put back to street (although please don’t tell me if you plan to do that to her).

    Some of the Accessories (to the best of my failing memory):
    Full Termi w/ecu, BMC race filter, Woodcraft Rearsets, 520 quick change kit, Renthal clip ons, Armor Bodies body work w/Superbike tail, Motoholders sub frame and fairing stay, Cox radiator guards, Ohlins TTX shock, Ohlins 30mm fork internals, new battery, too many Ti nuts and bolts to list...
    • Stock bodywork with lights
    • Complete spare stock front wheel assembly
    • Sprockets various sizes for different ratios
    • Air filter and oil filter
    • Stock intake tubes
    • Spare clip-ons and grips
    • Stock front bake lever
    • Brake and clutch reservoir mounts
    • Stock rearsets
    • Stock rear suspension linkage with rod
    • TTX long shock end eye (for use with stock linkage)
    • Springs 75NM, 80NM shock springs (85MN installed) .95 fork spring (1.0 isntalled).
    • Stock shock, fork internals, and steering damper
    • Rear stand

    Philadelphia Area have tittle in hand -No Trades - thnx.
  2. Ryan848

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    Great bike, great seller!
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  3. Seriously interested in the bike, I’m Maryland would you take 5k? Shoot me a text at4438522890
  4. David wisner

    David wisner New Member

    Hi my name is Dave I’m interested in the bike please call me at 6316645240 thank you
  5. Bmauger

    Bmauger Member

    Sent you a txt thanks
  6. Bmauger

    Bmauger Member

    Sent you a txt thanks
  7. Bmauger

    Bmauger Member

    Bike no longer for sale
  8. Bmauger

    Bmauger Member

    Thanks Dave for great offer. Sorry Just needed to come to terms with actually selling something that has been so good to me. She is back up for sale.
  9. Bmauger

    Bmauger Member

    Txt 215-five86-0385 for info I don’t check the pages enough. Thanks
  10. Bmauger

    Bmauger Member

    Bike is sold. Enjoy it man!!

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