2010 Ducati 1198S Corse SE

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    1 of 300 made, this is bike# 85

    2010 Ducati 1198S Corse SE
    4400 miles, clean Mass title in my name, Im 2nd owner.
    All factory stock with added genuine Ducati Performance carbon fiber rear hugger
    Genuine Ducati Performance carbon fiber key surround
    Ducati Performance Termignoni slip on kit
    Other than that, 100% as it came from Italy

    New Pirelli tires, cam belts and custom ECU map last season.

    Pics show Woodcraft rearsets, bike comes with stock rearsets.

    Bike is as clean as can be, very very nice. No flaws. Its beautiful to look at! Especially with the sexy aluminum tank.


    (Some pics show an open clutch cover, thats how I bought it, but the factory stock cover has been put back on)

    For some reason I cant post up pics, so here is a link to my local forum...

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    We can't see the pics unless we're registered on that site
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    Also, I would consider trading for a Panigale 1199S racebike
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    trying to figure out how to post pics....[​IMG]
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    Scoop this before its gone!

    Limited # bike, dont pass it up, youll wish you bought it!

    Im sure Ill be sorry I let it go....

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