2010 BMW S1000RR Race bike

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by MikeM1, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    I raced this bike last season in the WMRRA series and captured the #5 overall plate. Never been down, professionally built and maintained, ready to race.

    Ohlins TTX
    Ohlins steering damper
    Arrow pipe
    PC 5
    Armour Bodies bodywork
    Factory traction control and ABS

    I hate to see this one go, very competitive and fun bike!
    Email for pictures and info, serious inquiry only. Email to macconaghy at yahoo dot com
  2. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member


    Here are some pictures.

    Bike is located in near Seattle, WA.

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  3. suly1369

    suly1369 Active Member

    SWEET BIKE!!!! price???
  4. bikes4sale

    bikes4sale Active Member


    Cheers to you and that lean angle . . . WICKED
  5. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    I'm asking $18,500.
  6. gsxraddict6

    gsxraddict6 Active Member

    sweet bike, what weight are the springs setup for? front fork stock or ohlins internals?
  7. cmra417

    cmra417 Member

    So everything else is stock minus what you listed for 18.5?
  8. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    Currently set up for 195lbs with gear.

    Front forks have GP 25 MM cartridges which feel better than the Ohlins I had previously.
  9. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    Forks have GP cartridges and I'm sure I missed a few other things. If you are interested you can talk to my mechanic who built and maintained it and I'm sure he can tell you a few other things.

    I do know we spent over 25k building it last year
  10. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    We put it on the dyno after break in and it did 194 on pump gas and 200.1 on U4.4.
  11. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    Back to the front!
  12. cobes

    cobes Well-Known Member

    Wow, nice to be able to run a stock motor and be competitive. Nice bike
  13. 1hotlimo.com

    1hotlimo.com Well-Known Member

    Does it come with street bodywork?
  14. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    For an extra $1,500 I'll throw in all of the street stuff that came off it. It had zero miles when it was turned into a racebike so the street plastic alone is worth 2k.

    The wire harness has not been changed or modified so it should be fairly easy to make it back into a street bike if you want.
  15. Vitamin_J

    Vitamin_J Well-Known Member

    wish you were closer
  16. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    Shipping isn't that expensive :up:
  17. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    Price drop. 19k takes everything.
  18. R_Whiteman45

    R_Whiteman45 Well-Known Member

    i could never afford it but bump for an awesome picture... thats pc background worthy
  19. Windshield

    Windshield Well-Known Member

    What's your next race bike going to be?
  20. MikeM1

    MikeM1 Well-Known Member

    My brother has a superbike gsxr 1k I might play with but at this point money is tight for me and I haven't been able to raise enough support to continue another season on this bike. I'd love to though so if somebody would like to see their name on a bike that is winning races in the NW let me know!

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