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    I'd suggest selling as a street bike and selling the track parts separately but that's just my 2 cents.
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    Thank you. I believe most of the wiring and stuff was stripped and thats a weekend project for a non-techie like me to resurrect it . But thanks again for the input.
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    I sent you a pm
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    responded and bumped :)
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  7. Message sent
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    Someone left a message from an "unknown" number from here.
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    I'm looking for something like this but I've got to sell my 2005 k1200s first or I could do a trade.
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    interested in trade for crf supermoto?
  13. BROsiah

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    Not to be a dick but I think your price is a bit high for a 8 year old 600cc track bike with stock suspension. Even with the few extras $6500 is a lot
  14. Redlining52

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    Yea I would agree with the above statement, I've seen bikes go for the same amount much better set up.
  15. sbk1198

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    Agreed. I've seen them go for around $5500-$6000 with most of the bells and whistles (Ohlins suspension, PCV, QS, clip-ons, rearsets, steering damper, etc.). I've seen them go for as low as $3500 in similar condition like this one, pretty much stock aside from an exhaust, with track fairings. I think $4500 would be a much better starting point and it would sell a lot quicker.
  16. ck.mecha

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    Also, line one of the ad says it's had only one owner yet further through the thread talks about work done by previous owners.

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    He just meant that he's single bro
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    I appreciate everyone's input. I'm a novice with less than 10 track days under my belt and 3 on this bike. I priced it $6500 with the stands and other hardware and given the work put into it like a Leo Vince exhaust.

    That being said I have not spent too much time on here which made me realize that any after market add ons don't mean the value goes up like on house when you add hard floors etc etc.....

    $5000 ??

    Again, both stands, clean title, 3500 miles - hope I get some hits.
  19. Focker

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    Do you still have any of the street stuff?
  20. Farhan

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    no i do not, if I did I'm sure I would have sold it much quicker :clap:

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