2009 Honda CBR600RR Track Bike

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    For Sale: 2009 Honda CBR600RR Track Bike.
    Competition Use Only!! $4000-
    Not just a CBR600RR, a Trophy Winning CBR 600RR!
    I will start with the cool: Powder Coated Wheels. I was made to understand, by an industry authority, that ALL the COOL guys have powder coated wheels. White Powder Coated Wheels. You want to be a cool guy? This is how we start.
    Race Body Work by Optimal Racing.
    Jardine Slip On.
    Penske Shock.
    Race Tech Valves up front.
    Bazzazz Fuel Management, Traction Control, and Z-Bomb.
    Braided lines.
    Stock spec motor.
    Lithium Battery.
    Stand is included. (I wanted to make a comment about harbor freight and the cost of the stand, but have you seen what these things cost now?)
    Respected Industry insider and authority has told me, and I quote: "Handles Great!".
    Will pass WERA Tech Inspection, AFM Tech Inspection, and probably what ever track day you can get it to's inspection.
    Some spare parts included in deal.
    Offers accepted or denied only in person. I love to play. But I hate the game.
    Still not sure? The buyer will also receive an AUTOGRAPHED and made out to the buyer action shot of the current owner of this motorcycle riding it and getting it done! I know all about your friends Mladin GSXR that he bought at Yoshimura's back door, or about the Spies Leather Suit you picked up at Ben's burger place. But did those items include a signed, to you, picture?
    Still still not sure? I will personally give the buyer directions on how to get to the track of the buyer's choice. It is what I do, so you know the directions will be good.
    Hurry! $4000- rarely goes this far for this much.
    Questions? david@mracingperformance.com 626-963-3872
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  2. SurfingRools

    SurfingRools Well-Known Member

    This is one of the funniest ads I've seen in a while
  3. Thanks. It is also 100% a true story. Sister Barbara always used to say my sense of humour was going to cost me. God Bless Her.
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  4. itsrichierich

    itsrichierich Well-Known Member

    Any pictures? Location?
  5. M Racing and Performance Motorcycle Service Shop
    611 East Route 66
    Glendora, CA 91740
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  6. AllWaysLookin

    AllWaysLookin Member

    Awesome ad, kick ass bike…damn why does it have to be all the way in CA.
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  7. Thanks buddy. I often wonder the same thing about myself and California. You know, with your help, the bike, at least, could have a new home. Just saying....
  8. cbush

    cbush Well-Known Member

    As others have said - nice Bike and ad.

    quick shifter? Up only?
  9. WingLeaner

    WingLeaner The Medium Labowski

    Down blip not possible on these RRs from what I understand.
  10. Yes, it has a quick shifter. You can see the Bazzazz Switch in one of the photos above. This bike is currently set up with factory shifting. The Bonamici Rear sets it had before, and which I can probably find in the owner's garage, and are part of the spares included, did offer GP pattern if desired.
  11. Code:
  12. csteger03

    csteger03 Well-Known Member

    This is correct. Auto blip is only possible on bikes with ride by wire, not a throttle cable like this RR.
  13. ElroyJetson123

    ElroyJetson123 Well-Known Member

    There is autoblip for throttle cables actually, even for this year and model, made by IRC - it’s called the “electro-mechanical blipper”
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  14. itsrichierich

    itsrichierich Well-Known Member

    holy crap! That changes the game for these bikes!
  15. csteger03

    csteger03 Well-Known Member

    Looks like a cool product. I'm surprised not more American retailers offer it. Very limited reviews
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