2008 R6 - Track Bike

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    Owned this bike for many years. Bought it as a street bike and took it to the track a few years later. It only has about 5 track days on it. Pains me to sell it as its been my baby for 6 or so years now. I like to take care of my things so this is a pretty clean bike.

    Clean Title in hand. 7069 miles
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 425.420.8724

    Pictures can be seen here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PCXqIdVNRSVC9gz-qC54MG7560rNdQde?usp=sharing

    Looking to get $5,500 OBO.

    Seattle area.

    Cons: Bike is not tuned or ECU flashed. I was going to do that through 2WheelDyno works but planning to buy a house so a couple toys need a new home; because of this, i removed the Servo Motor from the EXUP and that is throwing the engine code.
    Tank dented on both sides - still functional!

    Everything is drilled for safety wire but not everything is wired up.

    Allot of the following parts were installed in anticipation of the upcoming track season but have not been ridden. Bike was not ridden/ on the track 2019 & 2020. Bike has been on stands in a climate controlled garage. Heated during the winter.

    Suspension set up by Dave Alexander from Fluid Suspension Science. - I have ALL the paper work for this.
    OEM Forks - Race Tech Silicon Spring (1.0). Ohlins FPK 20mm (I have spare Ohlins and GP Suspension springs. Both are 1.0)
    OEM Shock which has been re-valved. 105 spring rate.
    Optimal Racing Body work - not in the best condition.
    Full 2 Brothers exhaust - running the 2brothers map from dyno jet.
    Block off plates - brand new installed.
    Accassato keyless gas cap - brand new installed
    Ohlins Steering Damper - brand new NOT installed
    Graves Steering Damper - brand new NOT installed
    Vortex 520 kit (sprockets F/R + Chain) - brand new installed.
    Vortex V3 Rear sets - with extra pegs
    PCV & QS
    Woodcraft frame sliders - low profile
    Woodcraft bar end sliders
    Woodcraft ignition delete
    Vortex Clipons
    GB Racing Shark fin
    Stahlbus Speed bleeders (MC, Rear & Front Calipers)
    Motoholders main stay
    Galfer SS Front brake lines
    Vesrah RJL XX pads - brand new installed
    Shorai Lithium Battery
    BMC Air Filter - Brand new installed
    Yoshimura case sliders/savers
    Just flushed Motul brake fluid
    Modified front fender for quick release
    Modified rear axle for rapid change
    Titanium Front Caliper Bolts - Brand new installed
    BridgePort 90* valve stems
    Pazzo Shorty Levers
    Rear caliper is drilled to stay in place during wheel changes
    Front forks are modified to removed front wheel without removing calipers (or something along those lines)
    Brand New Pirreli SC1's F/R (180/60 - 120/70)
    Current Tires with 1 track day on them: Front: Dunlop KR448 120/70 - Rear: KR451 180/60.
    Pit Posse tire warmers - 180-195 Rear tire size, LED real time display with adjustable temperature range of 120-210.
    probably a few small things I'm forgetting.

    Extras that come with the bike - various front and rear sprockets, oem chain, multiple F/R wheel spacers, OEM ignition coils, Oil, filters, Axles, O2 sensor, cush drives, rear rotor, list goes on.

    I have boots, gloves, ATEM Suite, Arai Vinales 2 helmet for sale at an additional cost.
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    GLWS. Wish you were closer

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    I’ll be devil’s advocate here, shipping is really cheap through U ship. Been there, done that, bought that, sold that, shipped that. Easy stuff
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  5. jbammin

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    SC1's and tire warmers sold.
  6. jbammin

    jbammin Well-Known Member

    I will be open to part outs depending on whats wanted.
  7. jbammin

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    Price lowered to $5000 - this will not include the steering damper or mount.
  8. jbammin

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    bump bump
  9. jbammin

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    up top.
  10. Adam H

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    Interested in purchasing the wheels, if you're parting the bike out.
  11. jbammin

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    not yet, still trying to sell as a whole. lots of interest but deals keep falling through
  12. Adam H

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    Alright, I'll keep an eye out then, thanks!
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    still looking for a home.
  14. jbammin

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