2008 GSX-R 600 (Tulio Pinto’s ex Bike)

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    2008 Suzuki GSX-R 600

    Race/Track Ready

    Proven Winner (Tulio Pinto’s Ex Bike)

    Ohlins 30 Mil Front Fork Cartridges

    Yoshimura Fork Extenders

    Ohlins TTX Triple Clicker Shock

    Bazaass system

    Traction Control (with switch)

    Quick Shifter

    Brembo calipers / master cylinder rc19

    Yoshi engine covers

    2 Fuel Maps with Map Switch

    MotionPro Quick Turn Throttle

    Carbon Fiber Fender and Rear Tire Hugger

    Sato Rearsets

    Vortex Clip ons

    Attack Triple Clamp

    Full Titanium Yoshimura Exhaust

    Fully Safety Wired

    Lightech Gas Cap

    Keyless ignition

    520 DID chain

    Vortex Sprockets

    Sparco Hoses

    EDR built Supersport Motor

    Plus more stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting. This is probably the best sorted 600 that I have ever rode.

    Call or text or me at 770-519-5368 I can send more pics and a video of it running!

    Bike is located in Cleveland GA 20 Min north of Road Atlanta.



  2. rd49

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    Like a price? :D

    UGADAWGBEAST Well-Known Member

    Lol exactly! $6k that includes some spares like a subframe and a few small bits
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    Bill of sale only I’m sure there is an MSO out there somewhere but has been a racebike it’s whole life. VIN is clean
  6. Wiggie675

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    I am honestly not trying to be a smart #@$, but being a retired teacher I would like to bring your collective attention to a common grammatical error I see in bike ads.
    It is incorrect to say “this is the best sorted 600 I have ever rode”. It’s the best sorted 600 you HAVE ever RIDDEN.
    Or... the best sorted 600 you ever rode”. (“I rode”, or “I have ridden” in other words, but never “I have rode”.) Just like after lunch we don’t say “I have ate a sandwich”, we say “I have eaten a sandwich”.
    I know we don’t have to pass an English test at tech inspection, but we still need to keep our standards up!

    Super nice bike by the way. If I wreck mine I’ll be in touch.
  7. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    Hey teacher... you forgot the "," ... It should read: If I wreck mine, I'll be in touch :)
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  8. TLR67

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    LMAO..... Hey Teacher, lighten up!

    UGADAWGBEAST Well-Known Member

    You have a little too much time in retirement pops. Plus you have no idea who you are talking to implying that I’m “dumb” by a grammatical error. Just not the time and place and it takes away from this forum for people who are actually trying to sell items. If you felt I was in need of a “lesson” send that shit in a PM not on my thread. I, nor anyone trying to sell something would find it humorous. Talk about standards?
  10. Wiggie675

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    There was no intention to imply any degree of dumbness UGAetc. Obviously with an address beginning with UGA, which I suspect refers to University of Georgia, dumb is not a quality that pertains to you. The incorrect use of ride and ridden occurs often in bike ads., and I felt I should say something. I was trying to be helpful and tried my best to be polite. I don’t think that what I wrote called for any degree of rudeness.
    For the record I may be a retired teacher, but that does not mean I am retired and have too much time on my hands. In actual fact I am busier than ever and seldom have time to check this forum.
    I am sorry if my attempt to help felt to you like an insult. It was certainly not intended that way. But considering your response, I doubt I will post again on this forum.

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  12. SPL170db

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    I'm just curious who Tulio Pinto is. Never heard the name before and a Google search would lead me to think the bike belongs to a Brazilian-born abstract art specialist with such works as the following in his collection....same guy?




    Good luck with the sale in any event :beer:

    UGADAWGBEAST Well-Known Member


    UGADAWGBEAST Well-Known Member

    $5500 or I’m gonna keep it! Someone come get a trick bike!
  15. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    I don’t know about the bubbles and steel but the man is an artist on the Grill that’s for sure and a damned cool person!!

    His results speak for themselves.. great bike GLWTS.


    UGADAWGBEAST Well-Known Member


    UGADAWGBEAST Well-Known Member

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