2008 CBR1000RR Track or Street $6700

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  1. dmeyerutah

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    I’ll ship to lower 48 at no additional cost to you. Located near Salt Lake City UT - can negotiate price if you’re near SLC and we can arrange pickup or delivery.

    Salvage title, 10,500 miles all street up until about 200 miles ago. Converted to track bike and have done 2 track days and 2 races in the last few months.

    I have 95% of the street parts including street fighter (high mount) handlebar conversion and carbon fiber nose cowling.

    This bike has just about everything you can do short of engine work - so it’s still very reliable:

    Ceramic wheel bearings
    Ohlins 30mm cartridges in the forks
    Race bodywork - a few scratches but no cracks
    Motion pro throttle
    Woodcraft ignition delete
    keyless gas cap
    Brembo front master
    EBC rotors - full floaters
    Steel braided lines
    90 degree valve stems
    BMC air filter
    Akrapovic carbon muffler with the cat delete (S-bend mid pipe), stock headers
    Bazzaz Z-bomb, fuel mgt, TC, Quick Shifter - the new one that works both ways - set up as GP shift now
    Vortex rearsets
    520 conversation with new chain, 15,16 front, 42, 43, 44 rear sprockets
    Shark fin chain guard
    Full set Arashi case guards
    Woodcraft frame sliders
    PAIR valve delete with block off plates

    Full spares kit:
    Extra wheels with rotors, cush, sprocket
    Clip ons
    foot peg parts
    front fairing stay
    OEM shock (08 and 2013)

    I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff.

    Full synthetic oil changed after every 2 track days.

    I went through the whole bike this spring - steering head bearings, swingarm pivots, rebuilt calipers, etc.

    Call or text with any questions - (801) eight 7 nine - eighty one twenty one.
  2. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    Racing is fun...

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  3. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    Street fighter configuration - all of these parts are included: 1.jpg
    2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 9.jpg
  4. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    OEM street parts:

    IMG_2935.jpg IMG_2936.jpg IMG_2937.jpg IMG_2938.jpg IMG_2940.jpg IMG_2941.jpg IMG_2942.jpg
  5. track wagon

    track wagon MCAS MIRAMAR

  6. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

  7. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    Price drop $6200
  8. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    Price drop $5700 full package. $5200 track bike only no street/spares.
  9. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    Price drop $5200 full package. $4800 track bike only.
  10. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    Price drop $4800 for everything.
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  11. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

  12. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    Bike does not burn oil - recently dynoed 170 at the wheel on pump gas in salt lake (4500 feet elevation). Bike weighs 385 lbs ready to race. I'm adding a shorai light battery and bazzaz TC/map switch and brand new ERT3 chain this week. I'll be racing this bike August 18/19 so it will be available for sale again after that.
  13. unclejesse

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    Keep me posted after your last race weekend

  14. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    I will. Where are you located?
  15. unclejesse

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  16. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    I just added some more goodness to this bike:

    Bazzaz TC dial on handlebar
    Heal teck speedo healer to defeat 186mph limiter
    New DID chain
    Oil and filter - I use honda HP4S full synthetic and OEM filters
    Shorai Lithium battery - 3 lbs lighter than standard battery
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    There can only be one Uncle Jesse. Lol
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    Free bump

    And that shall be me.
  19. cbr6racr

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    If my street bike sells, I'll be in touch.

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  20. dmeyerutah

    dmeyerutah Well-Known Member

    Also just put a new clutch in this past week.

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