2007 Kawasaki ZX6R full race bike

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    2007 zx6r ready to hit the track! Just raced the season opener @ Talledega without a hiccup. This bike pulls hard to redline, handles phenomenally, and is super cheap to run which in our world is always welcomed.


    - VORTEX clip ons
    - New PROGRIPS
    - VORTEX rearsets
    - CRG adjustable clutch lever
    - MOTION PRO revolver 1/4 throttle assembly


    - EBC prolite rotors
    - VESRAH super RJL XX pass
    - BREMBO 19x20 master cylinder
    - GALFER stainless brake lines


    - SHARKSKINS fairings
    - Superbike tail and seat pad
    - Spare sharkskins lower
    - ZERO GRAVITY double bubble
    - VORTEX frame sliders


    Top shelf components!

    - OHLINS 30mm cartridges
    - OHLINS TTX shock w/ hydraulic preload adjustment
    - HYPERPRO steering damper
    - Currently setup for 160lb rider


    - TiFORCE titanium full exhaust system
    - DYNOJET power commander 5
    (mapped for pump gas)
    - DYNOJET expansion module
    - DYNOJET quick shifter (GP shift)
    - lightweight Z125 battery (new)
    - BMC air filter
    - Emissions and exhaust servo delete


    - Will come with all spares pictured, Stock suspension, levers, axle sliders, Front and rear stands, etc....

    Right before I did the recent race I put new NGK plugs in, oil changed with MOTUL 300v (ran its whole life with this oil) , flushed and replaced water wetter in radiator, serviced the air filter, and went over the whole bike to make sure there was nothing loose or needed addressed. This bike is still very capable and is also the first year it's legal in the Vintage 8 class!! Throw on your favorite rubber donuts, add gas and go play.

    Located in Charlotte, NC
    I can assist with shipping if needed
    Shoot me a PM or call/ text (828) 674-6959.

    Micah Hyde #78
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    Sunday BUMP
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    Hey this still available?
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    yes it is
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