2007 GSX-R750 Track bike with spares $4,500

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  1. Selling my track bike. This bike is not able to be ridden on the street again and will come with a bill of sale. I Hate to see her go but with a growing family and career I just don't have the time anymore and hate to see her just sitting in the garage. Listed below are all the upgrades and is full asking price is offered I will include all the extras. You can call or text me at 619-813-9690 and I'm located in Chesapeake VA

    GP suspension 25MM cartridges in DLC Forks (sprung for 155Lb)

    Spare fork .90/.95 springs

    Ohlins rear shock (sprung for 155Lb)

    Spare rear spring for heavier rider

    Bazzaz Quick shifter for GP shift

    GP shift setup with aftermarket rear sets

    Brembo 19x20 Master Cylinder

    Wood Craft case savers

    Lithium Ion lightweight battery

    R6 Calipers with new Vesrah Pads

    R6 Kill switch with keyless mod

    Motion Pro Quick Turn kit

    Ohlins Steering Damper

    Lightech Chain adjusters

    Fast Frank Quick Change rear Axle

    Woodcraft Toe guard

    KR Tuned Full Exhaust

    Hydroturf tank protectors

    Braided front and rear brake lines

    K&N Air Filter
    Brand New Black Paint on Fairings


    Two sets of tire warmers (SV Racing and P/D)

    Front stand with triple tree lift

    Rear stand

    Pitbull TRS kit

    4 Extra front sprockets

    5 Extra rear sprockets 62024940_10211529856681079_2926879453260808192_o.jpg 61964036_10211529855161041_6592260584400486400_o.jpg 61961342_10211529855521050_3806912020213661696_o.jpg 62642515_10211529854681029_8456928693317533696_o (1).jpg 61998008_10211529856921085_7608776697940279296_o.jpg 61964389_10211529855921060_8847819211729272832_o.jpg 62024940_10211529856681079_2926879453260808192_o.jpg 61964036_10211529855161041_6592260584400486400_o.jpg
  2. Jeff Gray

    Jeff Gray New Member

    Nice setup, GLWS! I"m interested in the pitbull TRS, if you're willing to sell separately..
  3. Jeff,
    Thank, I will sell separately after sale of the bike.
  4. Gsxrguy824

    Gsxrguy824 New Member

    Still have bike
  5. matty

    matty Well-Known Member

    I know you are holding to part out till "sale of the bike"...with that said i am in need of a front rim. LMK if you can part with one...the green look great but really i just need straight. I promise to put it to GOOOOD use. :)
    LKM and shoot me a price

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