2006 Hobbi HB260 Toy Hauler $5000

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    2006 Keystone Hobbi Toy Hauler

    Rated to sleep 8: Dedicated bed up front and in garage area. Couch and Dinette fold flat for additional sleeping places.

    Has open floor plan to be adaptable to carry many toys throughout the whole trailer.


    Dinette is removable for additional storage.

    Pass through storage area up front.
    Memory Foam mattress topper

    Replaced weaker trailer tires with good quality passenger vehicle tires

    Comes with RV cover

    AC, Heat, Water Heater, all electrical outlets/lights, microwave, stovetop all work.

    Half-ton towable: It is rated at 5340 lbs as shipped.

    Here’s the specs that look almost identical to the 2006 I have for sale:


    (I do not have a 55amp converter. It has a 30amp power line included.)

    26 feet inside, 30 feet total length.

    The Bad:
    Some water damage.
    Front area roof has become soft from some water. Floor by window is soft. Floor at rear garage area is a soft and vinyl flooring is pulling up in spots.
    I resealed the main front panel, but I’m sure more could be done to further prevent water coming in.
    Awning has some fraying on exposed area when rolled up, but otherwise is solid. The awning bracket has a broken piece, but once it’s fully extended it locks down, so I never bothered to replace it.

    Reason for selling:
    I wasn’t able to use it much this year. My priorities have shifted from racing a bit and I only made it to the track once this year.

    Before we bought this toy hauler, track weekends were always a chore. We either borrowed a friend’s 6x12 or stayed in a tent. With the toy hauler, our weekends became a vacation for us. We’d sleep so much better on an actual bed, as opposed to an air mattress that was always deflating. We could cook meals, escape the heat of the day with the A/C, and generally just be relaxed throughout the weekend. Even packing for race weekends became a breeze, since we had more room than we knew what to do with.

    Honestly, with a little sweat equity, you will get a big amenities for a small price.

    Travel Trailer
    HB260 HB 260

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    Sent you an email.

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