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    Hey there, sports fans! As the title says, I am parting out my 2006 GSXR 600 race bike. I raced the machine in 2013 and 2015 and then prepped it for storage and stored it in my heated garage since the 2015 season. I got a new machine (Triumph) and I am returning to racing this year.

    The bike was strictly a track machine, so I do not have any items for a street bike such as street fairings, but things like a fairing stay would bolt right up. Frame and swinging arm are NOT available.

    All items listed are perfectly serviceable and I would use them again if I had another Chaotic is an idjit... for racing. In fact, I am keeping a few trick racing parts that fit my Triumph as spares (clipon bars, front master cylinder). Item years sharing part numbers or “swapability” are noted. If you have questions about crossing different generations, just ask. Pics available upon request.

    Items obviously fit 600 and 750 (years noted and/or other models noted). All parts are OEM unless noted. I am not here to break the bank, but I am also not here to give everything away. Prices are not listed but it's safe to assume that other than the wheels at $400 (CAD) for the pair that the rest are around 30-50% of MSRP for the aftermarket bits and negotiable for OEM- Let’s make a fair deal.

    Here goes:

    - OEM front fork tubes with Ohlins NIX 30 kit (I don't wanna separate) sprung for 200 lb rider and user instructions- 06 to 10 (Cartridges bought in 2013- 2 seasons on them, seals/oil just done)

    - Ohlins NIX 30 fork cap extenders (will fit other models, but more research is needed on my part. New 2013)

    - Ohlins TTX rear shock with adjustable ride height sprung for 200 lb rider and instructions- 06 to 10 (new 2013, refreshed at end of 2015)

    - Front and rear wheels with brake rotors (Black) w/ new bearings- 06 to 10.

    - Front and rear wheels with brake rotors (Suzuki Blue) w/ new bearings-06 to 10

    - Rad Fan- 06 to 10

    - 2 packs Performance Friction front brake pads in orig. packaging, “.10” compound (track day compound) - 06 to 10

    - Akrapovich header pipes, titanium, all springs for a full system, sorry no collector pipe, no muffler- 06 to 10

    - 15 tooth driven aluminum front sprocket, very lightly used, I used 14 tooth after trying 15- 06 to 10

    - Extra front brake rotor, pair- 06-07

    - Front Brake Caliper w/ new seals x2 – 06 to 10

    - Oil filter, new in box- 06 to 18 all gixxers

    - “Hi-flo” oil filter, new in box- 06 to 18, all gixxers

    - Seat with 1” tear- 06 to 07

    - Rear sprocket drum x3- 06 to 10

    - Lots of rear spacers- 06 to 10

    - Cush drive dampers (rubber pieces), two sets- 06 to 10

    - Ram air tubes- 06 to 07

    - Yana Shiki front fairing stay- 06 to 10

    - Front Cluster (some scratches and in MPH)- 06 to 07

    - Brake reservoir- pretty much universal

    - Steering damper- 06 to 07 and 05 to 06 1000

    - Fuel tank (Suzuki blue with techspec grips) and tank shroud- 06-07 COSMETIC DAMAGE

    - Fuel pump assembly- 06 to 07

    - Fuel cap with key- 06 to 10

    - Airbox with Velocity Pro velocity stacks and K&N filter- 06-10 (some mounting points for sensors on 06/07, but perfect bolt-up for 08-10 and will separate parts if needed)

    - Bazzaz ZFI fuel controller- 06 to 07.

    - Bazzaz Z-AFM w/ 02 sensor

    - Wiring harness- 06 to 07 and with accessory connections not needed for a track bike cut.

    - Rear subframe, with professionally welded repair at the back portion- 06 to 07 (will bolt right up for 08-10 racebike fibreglass, but won’t work that well with 08-10 street fairings)

    - OEM Headers- 06-07, but will bolt up with an 06/07 can on an 08-10 model.

    - Throttle body- only for 06 to 07 600.

    I am sure that I am missing a number of parts like dog bones and random relays, so if you see something not there, just ask. I've had this listed in other places for a while, so things like quickshifter and engine are already gone.

    I will ship anywhere, but buyer pays shipping. For Canadians, I will talk CAD for prices for parts and the rest of the world, we'll talk USD.
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  3. Anthony Hughes

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    Any prices? PM’d


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  4. macbayne

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    I forgot to put in the ad that the parts are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I will send by any method you prefer.

    As a side note: I put the slang term for GSXR, "gix_xer," (without underscore) and it came up as "Chaotic is an idjit."
  5. JeeBus91

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    Prices for ohlins fork, rear shock and akrapovic?
  6. drozek

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    wire harness price please shipped to 60107 USA
  7. macbayne

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    Sale pending on forks/Nix 30 and Cush Rubbers.
  8. macbayne

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    Tank gone
  9. macbayne

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    Shock gone.
  10. Ron relojo

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    Do you still have the race upper fairing available?
  11. Katiedid

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    Interested in the Akrapovich header pipes, titanium, all springs for a full system, 2 packs Performance Friction front brake pads in orig. packaging, Front Cluster (some scratches and in MPH)- 06 to 07.
    Would you please send me a picture of these parts.
    Also you are welcome to send individual pricing of each please. we can work out shipping to the USA later.

    Thank you
  12. BRye423

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    Pm'd you about the brake rotors

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  13. Luke Salt

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    Front forks avail still? I saw a pending and then a Shock sold but nothing for the front forks. Let me know if available and price in CDN. Thnx!
  14. Andres aguirre

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    Pm send

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    Pm sent
  16. macbayne

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    Sorry to everyone who PM'd me. The notifications started going to my email spam.

    Again, I apologize for the delays.
  17. 280SQUAGGLER

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    Interested in the velocity stack, price to 95054 California
  18. leemer628

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    Hey Macbayne, you still got them forks. Unclear if they’re sold. Thx
  19. Jose Piscoya

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  20. Jersey5.0

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    Can you PM me a price on a black front wheel with rotors?


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