2004 Yamaha R6 track bike

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  1. Armyvet7yrs

    Armyvet7yrs Member

    odometer: 3943
    Located in Califon, NJ 07830

    Please call or text 732-865-2730

    This bike is female owned by a trackday beginner rider. The bike has never been raced professionally. The motor is very strong. The bike has always been garage kept. All maintenance was done by Washington Cycle Works in Washington, NJ.

    The owner decided to quit the sport and needs to sell off everything. The bike needs nothing. It's ready for the track as is. Passing tech inspection is not a problem. The bike is equipped with many extras. Please see the details below.

    GI Pro gear indicator
    Speed Angle Pro Lap timer
    Armor Bodies race fairings
    Stainless steel front brake lines
    Penske front suspension
    Ceramic brake pads (extra set included)
    Custom paint job (no fake graphics/stickers)
    Custom powder coated wheels (no fake graphics/stickers)
    Safety wired for pro level track use
    Graves right side engine cover
    Graves adjustable rear sets
    Graves full titanium header and exhaust system
    Penske rear suspension
    New bar ends
    Woodcraft clip-ons
    Vortex gas cap
    Ohlins steering damper
    New brake fluid flush
    DID Racing chain
    Race gear conversion 15F, 45R
    NRC left side engine cover
    Battery tender connection
    Michelin Super Sport TC2 tires lightly used (installed)
    Brand New Dunlop Q3 included (never used)

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  2. NemesisR6

    NemesisR6 Gristle McThornbody

    Very hard to find 2nd gens in this good of condition for sure. Not sure I can ever sell mine.

    What are you asking?
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  3. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    Agreed. Didn't you try to sell yours?

    I miss my 07 R6S I had, it was fully set up too, same Graves pipe which sounded awesome!! But I had Ohlins on mine.

    @Armyvet7yrs any tuning done on the bike or a power commander for that full system? How about slide-stops? Can you confirm what was done to the front suspension? it looks stock.

    And yes, Asking price??
  4. NemesisR6

    NemesisR6 Gristle McThornbody

    I had floated the idea back when I had an opportunity to jump on a ridiculous deal on a 3rd-gen, but it didn't happen.

    Every time I jump on my bike now I'm glad I didn't.....
  5. Armyvet7yrs

    Armyvet7yrs Member

    Sorry I forgot to include the price in the post. I’m asking 5,000.

    What are your thoughts?
  6. younglion

    younglion Well-Known Member


    - awesome machine for a track day bike.
    - pink paint and wheels will scare off some buyers
    - "Penske front suspension"? Need more info - whats done to the forks and for what weight rider?
    - Does it have a fuel controller like a Power Commander to account for the Graves system
    - How do you know the motor is "very strong"? What are you basing that on?
    - Asking Price is at least $1000 too high - 14 year old bike afterall.
  7. Armyvet7yrs

    Armyvet7yrs Member

    Forgive me for not knowing everything about the bike. It's actually my sister's bike that I'm selling for her. I'll do my best to answer what I know.

    The bike was originally built by Mark Built in south NJ. Mark Built stored and maintained the bike at their shop for the previous owner for most of it's life. The front suspension has springs set up for a 180lb rider. There is no power commander on the bike, but the ECU is flashed to accommodate the increase in air flow.

    As for the pink wheels and paint... The wheels were powdercoated by me when I had my powder coating shop. Two tone powdercoating is hard to do, so these wheels are definitely one of a kind. I'm sure you can sell the pink wheels to a street rider for a decent cash return. Someone would love them, especially since they will fit on other R6's. Black R6 wheels are easy to find for relatively cheap.

    The bodywork is also brand new. That can be painted over easily or kept pink so the rider is easy to spot on the track.

    The motor is strong... Good point! That's a subjective statement, but my opinion is based on the fact that WCW has looked over the bike with a fine toothed comb. There's no compression leaks, knocks, ticks or any mechanical issues with the motor. It pulls very strong when accelerating.

    As for the price, there are some other extras that will included with the bike. Extra set of new tires, rearsets, clip ons, sprockets, a Condor wheel chock stand and pitbull stands. The bike is also fully safety wired.

    There's nothing mechanically wrong with the bike that indicates it's a 14 year old bike other than the manufactured date. This bike is in top condition for a track bike.

    FYI @JTRC51
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  8. NemesisR6

    NemesisR6 Gristle McThornbody

    I reluctantly have to agree that the price is a bit high for a 2nd gen.

    My '08 has 2,700 or so miles, Ohlins suspension (springs and 20mm piston kit out front, 46PRXLS in back), power commander, exhaust, etc. etc. etc. and you could eat off any part of it............lucky to get in the mid 4's at best, unless somebody REALLY needed to have it.

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  9. baconologist

    baconologist Well-Known Member

    I’m willing to trade the buyer a pair of ‘07 stock wheels for the pink ones.
  10. Armyvet7yrs

    Armyvet7yrs Member

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