2003 Suzuki SV650 endurance bike, Atlanta GA

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    I'm moving to California, and I need to let a few things go. I'm asking $3,250 for the package. The bike needs bodywork, but underneath, this was my go-to bike for ~10 years. Buy it for the dumpcan, tank, and quick change stuff and you'll probably come out ahead. I used the bike for sprint racing, endurance racing, and control riding. I sprint raced it in 2009. It got a few podiums and finished 4th in the LWTSS EX final at the GNF. It was my backup bike in 2010. I ran one uneventful round in 2011, and then endurance raced it in 2012 and 2013, finishing 3rd in the LW class for the season. I also started control riding with it in 2011.

    2003 frame but swapped in a dual plug motor before the GNF round in 2013 after I had an issue with the original transmission the previous round. It uses the stock '03 harness, and fires only the top plugs. The side plugs are just dummies. That setup made ~73hp on the MSP dyno.

    Vortex rearsets and clip-ons
    Full Yoshimura system replaced in 2015.

    Endurance stuff:
    2002 R6 front end. 0.90/0.95 springs. I machined the stock SV triples to accept the R6 forks, and made a male adaptor for easy removal of the axle. The fender is cut so to accommodate wheel changes, both tire clearance and without removal of the calipers. I never actually had to change the front wheel in a race, but left it since it made life in the pits so much easier. I don't have a spare front wheel. My 2nd bike was a 2002 R6, and I always "borrowed" the front on race weekends. I also have a bone stock front end/wheel(s) with triples and 41mm clipons.

    Captive GSXR 5.5" rear wheel, captive spacers/cush with a quick change axle and caliper bracket. It's super simple, but it works well. I also have a modified 5.5" wide stock SV wheel. It's heavier and stick hates it, but it's a good backup/ practice wheel. I have a 4.5" stock wheel for rains too. The setup will fit any stock SV wheel. I still run the 250 Bridgestone slicks. I've run as large as a 190 in a pinch, but the smaller slick was faster for me and lasts forever.

    The rear shock is an Elka unit with a 500lb/in rear spring.

    7 gallon tank and dumpcan. Chris Parrish made the tank, and I had Britt weld up the dumpcan. These are not presently on the bike, but go with it.

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  2. TLR67

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    Well congrats with the move Stephen.. Great bike and set up for the price..GLWTS.
  3. SLLaffoon

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    Updating with some pics of the spares.
    Mixed sets of exhaust spares
    Spare subframe and fairing bracket.
    Two sets of SV compatible wheels. 2 stock SV fronts, 1 stock rear, 1 widened 5.5" stock rear with captive spacers
    Extra stock SV front end(upper and lower triples included), with Woodcraft clipons. I also have another set of bent front forks. The lowers are still good
    Most stock components to put it back to stock. Stock upper fairing/headlights, Tailsection/seat/taillights, stock pegs/brackets, kickstand, 2 front fenders (one pristine, the other raced on). Some scratches on the stock bodywork. You'll need to find a windscreen.
    Some minimal gearing. I pretty much just ran everything with 15 and 16 F, 44 and 46 rears.

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  4. Quinton McBride

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    Interested. Where are you located in Atlanta would like to come look at it sometime.
  5. t11ravis

    t11ravis huge carbon footprint

    Glws man. Hate to see you go!
  6. Scott S.

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  7. dsapsis

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    Great package. Someone needs to jump on this.

    You end up taking the San Diego gig? If so, hit me up for some local knowledge and maybe we can grab a pint when I am down visiting my mom.
  8. MoeFaux

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    Thinking *real* hard about this one. . .
    sending PM.
  9. jocko

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    PM sent
  10. SLLaffoon

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    Bike is sold

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