2002 Chevy Express 3500 Box/Buble Van $3,800

Discussion in 'Other' started by wcoats, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. wcoats

    wcoats Well-Known Member

    $3,800 OBO located in Raleigh NC

    2002 Chevy Express 3500 van with Unicel "Aerocell" body on it. It's similar to a box van but with a more rounded fiber glass body instead. I've a little insolation to the inside to help keep the heat. It will easily fit two bikes, gear and tools.
    -230K Miles
    -AC blows cold(I top off the refrigerant at the beginning of the summer and it runs cold of the rest of the year)
    -No leaks
    -Burns a little oil(No visible smoke, but I check the oil level every 500-1,000 and add about 1/2 a quart. Since there in nothing leaking it must be burning it)
    -LG 8,000 BTU in room AC unit included(It will make a noticeable difference but not a big enough unit to make it actually cold on a really hot summer day)
    -1 Pitbull trailer restraint mounting plate and 1 wheel chock included
    -Built in shelf in the front
    -Full Size spare wheel and tire
    -Trailer Hitch
    -New head Pioneer head unit and speakers. Can connect to your phone via blue tooth to play music and take phone calls(has a microphone for calls through the car stereo)

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  2. ducnut

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    These things are beyond awesome. Don’t see them very often.
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  3. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey

    Which motor?
  4. wcoats

    wcoats Well-Known Member

    5.7 L Vortec
  5. wcoats

    wcoats Well-Known Member

    Also the tires are in good shape with plenty of treat life left. Here are some pictures of them.

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  6. cyclox

    cyclox moving chicane specialist

    Does this guy come with it?


    sorry, couldn't resist ;)
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  7. wcoats

    wcoats Well-Known Member

    Price drop $3,000

    Also includes two ramps
  8. wcoats

    wcoats Well-Known Member

    Still available. $3,000 OBO. Includes a small AC unit for the back, wheel chalk, ramps and shelves in the front.
  9. wcoats

    wcoats Well-Known Member

    Still available. Great set up for taking 1-2 bikes to the track and not having to pull a trailer.
  10. wcoats

    wcoats Well-Known Member

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