1997 Aprilia RS 250

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by ToofPic, Feb 26, 2018.

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  2. gpracer15

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    only because Brian never learned what the lever on the right does........lol...
  3. mattology

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    hey! i was the one that contacted this guy, i wanted to see it in person.

    this bike has a bit of history as it is one of the first true Cup bikes before the RS250 challenge was received. Aprilia italy helped zero gravity import ~50 of these bikes, that were true 17 digit vin street bike chassis, but they were imported specifically as race bikes for the original series.

    They were all super early production mark2 bikes built to cup spec, but without the 15 digit vin, but rather a street bike registerable vin. These were cup bikes before cup bikes were a thing.

    After zero gravity had a falling out of some sort with aprilia USA, aprilia USA brought the rest of the bikes in as 15 digit vins, RS250 challenge model.

    zero gravity basically created the original specs for cup bikes.

    Pretty interesting bikes.

    I have three of the regular " Challenge" bikes.



    I am wondering did the buyer remain local? Or is he taking the bike out of state ? Would like to improve network of local aprilia guys if possible.
  4. cpettit

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    I want this bike. I have the RS50/80 in my garage that looks just (well almost) like it. I need the 125 and 2fiddy so I can take a family photo of all 3.
  5. mattology

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    i’m not really interested in selling it or carrying it back downstairs
  6. cpettit

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    Can't blame ya on either account.
  7. freedomgli

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    That was my plan to get all 3. I love collections like that. I also want to get all the different OEM bodywork colors so I can switch up the look every now and then.
  8. Gimmie Mo

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    My 96 cup bike has a P and a 3 number on the aprilia works dept plate..

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