1997 Aprilia RS 250

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    1997 Aprilia RS 250. EX A.M.A. Pro, and U.S.G.P.R.A Race bike. Originally purchased and imported to the United States by the zero gravity Company, as in zero gravity windscreens. M.S.O. Still in their name. I know it was raced by both Robbie bright, and Adrian jasso, both veteran professional Racers and it was maintained And purchased by me from Corso motoworks of Clearwater, Florida.Brembo brakes, calipers, master cylinder, and braided lines front and rear. Marchesini magnesium rims. Vortex sprockets. Arrow Exhaust, & Spare OEM exhaust. And big surprise,; Zero gravity windscreen. Comes with Woodcraft stand, bike cover, and Battery Tender. Spinners include engine rebuild gasket kit, Pistons Rings, andPiston pins, Main Jet assortment,Brake pads. Sprockets. Lovers, foot pegs, and everything shown in picture. $7,000 and I can deliver it to Daytona Bike Week or assist with shipping.

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    When did they race cup bikes in the AMA?
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    It was a spec class called the Aprilia Cup Challenge that ran at AMA events.
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    Hey thanks for the help toothpick! Yes I am the owner Robert at 815-383-3795.
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    Come on guys everybody's got a computer in their pocket these days. Do the damn homework or shut the f up.
    Aprilia won their first world championship race at the 1991 Czechoslovakian GP with rider Alessandro Gramigni.Aprilia continued to be successful winning numerous races, and championships in the 125, and 250cc GP classes.
    They ran a 500 GP bike in 1994 with a 250 engine enlarged to a 380 CC the GP two-stroke race bike eventually grew to 430 CC with a best result of third-place Byrider doriano romboni at the 1997 Dutch TT. But withdrew at the end of the 1997 season for further development.
    Their first MotoGP effort dubbed the RS Cube was the first bike to Pioneer mini Advanced Technologies including Ride by wire throttle, and pneumatic valve actuation systems.
    Aprilia left the MotoGP class at the end of 2004, when two stroke engines were banned. A truly exciting, lost era, before some of you were even born.
    Aprilia set the world record for most points earned by a manufacturer in a single season from the 125cc class with 410 points in 2007. It was also the highest points earned by a Constructor in Grand Prix motorcycle racing history until 2011 when 420 points were won by the same bikes winning 16 out of 17 races.
    A young racer named Marc Marquez cut his racing teeth on Aprilia 125 and 250 GP bikes.I,
    So I must ask:What is"Your,"Definition of a "Cup bike"?
    You unknowlagable Newby's, and haters take your blame for how lame motorcycle road racing is in America! In my day, we cheered last place on, just to have the balls to be out there and they still do in Europe and Asia.!
    Screw it, I'm retired!And, this bike is to for the meantime.
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    If l remember right the Texas tornado rode the new throttle by wire bike. Always thought he was a badass.
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    John Hopkins won the aprilia cup I believe.
  9. gpracer15

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  10. motion

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    Nice rant!!!!

    Why you selling? Sounds like you should hang onto that thing!
  11. Zach Jansen

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    Need a new roof on my house.
  12. cBJr

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    wait for a hail storm...
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  13. Zach Jansen

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    I would like to hang on to it, as it will only appreciate in value unless someone crashes is it very hard.
    A collector contacted me this morning enquiring about the VIN number. So, I checked it for him.He asked if it was a 14-digit serial number has with all of the regular Cup bikes. Or a 16 digit serial number as the real GP bike.As he has been looking for one of these. It is a 16 digit serial number beginning with z g.
    Said he already has two in his collection but is looking for one of these.
  14. gpracer15

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    The Aprilia RS250 street bike has the longer vin and the CUP bike uses the shorter VIN.

    A true GP version would purpose built race bike and you would not be selling for $7000.....
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  15. freedomgli

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    If we're going to be a stickler for details, then it looks like this Aprilia RS250 is a Euro-spec street bike. It may have been converted into a race bike before or after arriving here in the USA. If this bike is indeed a 1997 model then it is from a time before the official Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup series was run in the USA. That isn't to say it isn't a real "Cup" bike. It probably used European-spec "Challenge Cup" parts. Who knows what it has now? I'm no expert on "Cup" bikes, year to year differences (if any), if the spec was the same globally and/or if it varied depending on which national "Cup" series we're talking about.

    I wouldn't call a "Cup" bike a "real GP" bike per se. The "real GP" bikes are the RSV250, RSW250 and RSA250. Those bikes are radically different than the regular street and "Cup" version RS250. Also, I'm not aware of any 16-digit VINs. They're usually 15-digit or 17-digit. "Real GP" bikes have a much different serial number identification.

    See also http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/...tion-numbers&p=4350744&viewfull=1#post4350744

  16. motion

    motion RockyMountainMotos.com

    Is the oil injection tank still there? If so, near the front or in the tail? Are both forks stock? Do they both have preload adjustments, or only one of them? If its a '97, then its a Mark I model, which does pre-date the USA Cup models by one year. I have also never heard of a 16 digit frame. All 3 of my bikes are 15 digit. Doesn't mean they don't exist, though.
  17. Zach Jansen

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to contact zero gravity to clarify this issue!
    The interested collector said there were 50 bikes imported by zero gravity which shocked me. and zero gravity themselves said 55? So we're getting closer to the truth.
    Also, this bike does not have the dry clutch. So, it is not a factory Aprilia GP bike.
    On the MSO it says zero gravity ownership.
    So, the factory did not produce these specifically for zero gravity. Rather, zero gravity imported 55 unrestricted euro-spec models to promote there racing Endeavor here in the US.
    As a collector, I appreciate the M.S.O.Listed as zero gravity original importer. When you match the MSO with the VIN number there is no denying what this bike is. Zero gravity themselves just told us. It's unfortunate that so many have been converted back to the Street therefore mso long gone, and titled in someone else's name.
    However, these are so much fun to ride, I understand the desire to ride one on the street or track.
    Thanks again for your help with the correct authenticity! Zack.
  18. gpracer15

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    From research 15 digit is cup and 17 digit is street
  19. Zach Jansen

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    Hey motion, you not pimpin da two fitties anymore?
    Oil injection still intact in front on the right hand side. Only one fork with preload adjustment also on right hand side.Double check VIN number and it is 15 digit.Are all three of yours like this?
    It is NOT a factory G.P. Bike. It is a euro spec bike with the Cup Race Kit installed. it was never intended for the street Use as indicated on the 15 digit Vin.
    Sale pending. and thank you all 4 the extra effort in dissecting this thing.
  20. motion

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    250 Ninjas have been long gone... I'm still pimpin the two strokes :)

    So your's is a MK 1 bike then. The forks give it away. Mine are all MKII bikes.

    I'm not aware of a Cup race kit for sale back then. I could totally be wrong, but have never seen that before. The USA Cup bikes were just street bikes with all the lighting removed and slightly different fairings (no holes for lights). Even the wiring harness still has connections for lighting.
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