1993 3000GT Base - $2200

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    Selling my 1993 3000GT Base Pearl White with all extras. Clear title. Around 185k miles. No accidents. Never raced/tracked.
    Located in Cleveland, Ohio area


    Purchased around 2009 with 110k miles. Timing belt snapped and damaged heads. Had heads rebuilt, all new valves, guides, seals, new water pump, oil pump, timing belt, OEM head gaskets, and the rest of the 120k rebuild. Drove it to 170k problem free as a daily driver. Decided to put more work into the car at this 60k build. Work list below. After 10k-15k driving, I started to have a loud whine noise like straight cut gears on deceleration. I drove it maybe a couple hundred miles when it started and parked it. It has been sitting for 4 years, with the occasional drive around the block. Everything still runs, but after waiting 4 years for space to work on it again, I have decided to sell it and move on. Battery is currently dead, but will purchase a new battery for it for new owner.

    Work done at 170k
    SS Clutch line direct from master to slave
    New Clutch master
    New clutch slave
    New brake master
    All new struts (have to verify which ones)
    New rotors painted with VHT paint to reduce rusting
    Rebuilt and PC calipers silver/black
    Aadco Sway bars
    Transmission rebuilt and clear-coated by Jacks Transmissions in Colorado with higher 5th gear
    Replaced capacitors on the ECU
    New OEM clutch
    3SX pulley
    New headlights and foglights (with extras)
    Rebuilt and cleaned plenum
    Hand Held HALO system with laptop
    Cleaned radiator
    New engine/tranny mounts
    New axles, ball joints
    Front ball bearings were replaced at one time
    OEM head gaskets.
    New fuel pump
    Hydraulic tensioners
    New NGK plug wires
    Mille Miglia wheels, 16"
    Replaced switches and stalks.
    Radio works and have code.
    Maybe more, still finding receipts of what I have. I have pictures of some of the work that has been done to it.

    Aside from the transmission, the paint is the worse thing about the car. Passenger front wheel arch has a rust area. The roof paint is damaged from the sun. The hood has the clear coat peeling. The interior is good. Never smoked in by me or PO.

    PM for more pictures.
  2. YoshiHNS

    YoshiHNS Mr. Slowly

    Remembered that the exhaust was also replaced.
    Also has a trailer hitch with harness.

    Open to offers.
  3. YoshiHNS

    YoshiHNS Mr. Slowly

    Price drop $1600 firm. If it isn't sold by 10/1 I'm sending it off to get fixed and keeping it.

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