1969 Honda CL350 race bike

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by chad williams, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. chad williams

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    IMG_5650 copy 2.jpg IMG_5649copy copy.jpg IMG_2093copy copy.jpg IMG_61132 copy.jpg vintage race bike which is compliant for AHRMA Sportsman 350 & 500 - AFM vintage, CVMA vintage, WERA vintage
    the best of everything, perfect condition. 1 race on fresh motor build.
    No expense spared on this bike; my son is racing now and I don't have time to race it any longer- selling to help his race budget.
    message me for all the specific info on specs
    $6500 - includes spares, gearing, jetting and rear stand
  2. joec

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    Nice bike!
  3. Newyork

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    That is awesome GLWS!

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  4. RIB333

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  5. chad williams

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    Sorry- Bike is located in Aliso Viejo California (Orange County)
  6. WingLeaner

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    She sure looks sweet. Bump for an awesome looking setup.
  7. K51000

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    That's a large room, man cave- art exhibit
  8. Gimmie Mo

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