13 Ducati 1199 full race

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    image.jpg 2013 1199 full race build assembled by Moto Corse Performance for Seth Starnes
    Assembled from a bare frame purchased on EBay by a team of professionals. The engine was removed from a parted 1199s with 1100 miles on it. Stock motor was custom tuned through the ecu and makes 193hp on VP C12. Custom exhaust with Titanium canister. The suspension is full Ohlins customized by Thermosman. Two sets of wheels. Stock and a set of Wine Red Carrozzeria forged wheels.

    OHLINS Forks TTX 30mm
    Ohlins TTX shock custom valving
    Yoyodyne quick change rear carrier
    Ducati Corse upper stay and rear subframe
    Active levers and dial up knob
    MWR air filter
    MotoFairings bodywork with extremely nice paint
    Vortex bars
    Carbon sprocket cover
    Carbon fender
    Carbon stator guard
    Ohlins dampener
    Custom Akrapovic exhaust
    Stock wheelset along with a set of wine red Carrozzeria wheels.

    Engine has 250 race miles and approximately 500 track day miles. Insane build and super fun to ride.
    Bill of Sale only. This was frame up build never intended for street.
    Asking $13500
    Call if you have any questions
    Super nice bike
    Chattanooga Tennessee area
    423-838-9460 image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. campbell26

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    Price drop $12500

    Will throw in 10 gallons of c12
  3. campbell26

    campbell26 Well-Known Member

    Drop again. $10,500
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    sweet mercy thats a nice bike!
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    Is this bike still available?

    HOLLYWOODPETE Well-Known Member

    Sweet bike!!!
  9. Last Week

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    Beautiful ride! What subframe manufacturer are you using?

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    whats wrong with this bike?????
  11. HBDuc

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    The seller wasn't interested in selling the last I heard. Spun my wheels for about two weeks on it.

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