06-16 Yamaha R6 Part out! Marchesini, Ohlins, Brembo, Woodcraft and much more

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Emerson, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    I've decided to part out my personal racebike along with the spares I had for it.
    Here is the list.

    Ohlins 25mm cartridge kit in forks with Graves quick change fork mount, fender and Markbilt quick change front axle $1600
    Ohlins 25mm cartridge kit SOLD
    Ohlins 30mm cartridge kit with forks extended 10mm $1100
    Forks with Penske 20mm valving $550
    06-07 forks with racetech valving $450
    Ohlins TTX shock MKII $850
    Ohlins TTX shock MKI SOLD
    Marchesini Magnesium whee set $2250
    Marchesini magnesium front and aluminum rear $1800
    Brembo RCS19 $175
    Brembo P4 calipers $2400
    Brembo underslung rear caliper with bracket $400
    Brembo T-drive rotors $450
    Brembo HP rotors $350
    AIM MXL Pista Dash WITH GPS $1200
    AIM MXL Pista DASH WITH IR $900
    Graves Motor SOLD
    Livengood Motor SOLD
    Markbilt motor $2200
    Stock Motor 6k miles $1700
    Stock Motor 9k miles $1500
    YEC ECU with data cable and ecu SOLD
    FT Race team package 2 (TC, dual map, QS, etc) ECU with harness and data cable SOLD
    Bazzaz Zfi, QS, TC with map and TC switch $500
    Yoyodyne slipper clutch SOLD
    Markbilt quick change rear with attack lifters $650
    Endurance tank Higher capacity SOLD
    Endurance tank stock capacity SOLD
    Graves Shock link $400
    BDK lightweight generator $500
    Vortex clip ons SOLD
    Woodcraft Clip ons SOLD
    Vortex rearsets SOLD
    Graves rearsets SOLD
    Vortex gas cap SOLD
    Woodcraft brake lever guard SOLD
    Woodcraft clutch lever guard $60
    Accossato clutch lever and perch SOLD
    Motion pro throttle SOLD
    Pitbull steering damper V1 red $175
    Pitbull steering damper V1 black $175
    PItbull steering damper V2 $225
    GPR steering damper V1 SOLD
    GB case covers SOLD
    Motoholders fairing stay SOLD
    Profiber tank protectors $150
    Hindle Full exhaust SOLD
    Leo vince full exhaust damaged canister $250
    M4 Y pipe with cut headers $100
    Armour bodies Race body black $350
    Armour bodies Race body Purple $650
    Sharkskinz seat pan with Graves seat pad $150
    Sharkskinz Radiator Shroud SOLD
    SS brake lines SOLD

    I also have just about every OEM part you can thing of such as.

    Throttle bodies
    Fuel pumps
    Triple tees
    clip ons
    Master cylinders
    sprocket carriers
    Air box
    Air box cover
    Throttle cables
    clutch cables
    Throttle housing
    Tank side panels
    If its not on this list pm me and I can check availability

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  2. Claudio

    Claudio Member

    Any pictures of the fairings?
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  3. mkolankowski

    mkolankowski Well-Known Member

    Pictures of black body work
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  4. Schwiz

    Schwiz Well-Known Member

    Some really nice bits here. GLWS. Wish I had a money tree!
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  5. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    picture of bodywork.
    I accept most sponsors... Visa, mastercard, AMEX... haha

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  6. lilmatt

    lilmatt Member


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  7. sherland

    sherland Well-Known Member

  8. Beresh21

    Beresh21 Well-Known Member

  9. festertruck

    festertruck Well-Known Member

    Pm'd as well
  10. gsa013

    gsa013 Active Member

    when was last serviced the rear mk2 ohlins?
  11. 280SQUAGGLER

    280SQUAGGLER Well-Known Member

    Interested in the subframe but i don't see it on your list
  12. Dio's R6

    Dio's R6 Member

    What weight is the weight and shock sprung for?
  13. Houston hb

    Houston hb Well-Known Member

    will the Brembo T-drive rotors $450 fit reg brake calipers and rims
  14. Emerson

    Emerson Need parts? I got them!

    It was serviced by Ohlins USA at the motoamerica round at NJ last year and it has seen very little use since.

    Subframe is $200

    Forks and shock are set up for a 165lbs rider at a mid pack Motoamerica pace. I believe the front has 1.0 and rear has .95

    Yes they will. They have the oem bolt pattern and are the oem size.
  15. flyingpig70

    flyingpig70 Well-Known Member

    You have any pictures of the Leo exhaust?
  16. 280SQUAGGLER

    280SQUAGGLER Well-Known Member

    This is for the tighttails subframe ? correct.... I dont want the stock one
  17. Rickysnickers

    Rickysnickers Member

    Is the Brembo master cylinder available? Do you have any photos of it? Thank you.
  18. kman37

    kman37 Well-Known Member

    Pm'd about the seat pan
  19. festertruck

    festertruck Well-Known Member

    I bought the master cylinder
  20. Rickysnickers

    Rickysnickers Member

    Ok, thank you.

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