05 ZX6R Transmission

Discussion in 'Tech' started by trentracing, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. trentracing

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    I have an 05 Kawasaki ZX6R and it's jumping out of second gear when I give it gas. Someone told me it has a bent shift fork. My question is, can I take the clutch out, slide the shaft out, and replace the fork without splitting the cases? Thanks in advance.

  2. dale-505

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    You must split the case on the 05-06.

    It is probably more than the fork, the dogs and holes are probably rounded off as well, the drum could even be knicked if you ended up pounding on the shift lever to recover from a false neutral.

    While you have the case split, might as well check the other gears for dog rounding.
  3. chillydogg

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    I have the same problem with my 06 ZX6. I was wondering if I should replace the faulty items with factory replacements or purchase aftermarket in hopes that it doesn't happen again.

    Does anyone know where to purchase aftermarket gears/dogs/drum, or should we send everything off to someone to have done?
  4. Tunersricebowl

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    NO such animal.
    There may be racekit bits but even if you could source them, it would be cheaper to buy stock gears and send them to R+D Performance in Fla.
    If anybody has not heard of them, they are THE trans and gear repair guys period.
    They have an in-house heat treat facility and work on most of the top guys stuff, road race, drag race and stunters.
    They are experts at shimming Kawa gear spacing which is a prime cause of the problems big green suffer.
  5. chillydogg

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    Thanks again for the advice. I'll check them out!
  6. Tunersricebowl

    Tunersricebowl Fog, onward through.

    Oops! That should read R+D MOTORSPORTS, (not R+D Performance)..

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