04 Suzuki SV650 Track/Race Bike

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  1. Timothy Landon

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    Stock engine. Racetech Cartridges(.90), GSXR Rear Shock, Pirelli DOT's, Keyless Start, the usual other stuff. No Quick Shifter, setup as GP Shift. Great condition. I am getting out of riding is the only reason for selling it. No title. Bill of Sale.
    Located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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  2. Timothy Landon

    Timothy Landon Well-Known Member

  3. Timothy Landon

    Timothy Landon Well-Known Member

    It's a stock race bike essentially. Stock motor. No aftermarket electronics. No quickshifter. But setup as GP Shift. It has RaceTech Emmulators and Springs(.9). A GSXR rear shock. Clipons, rearsets, race body work and a slip on exhaust can. It's safety wired for racing. The odometer says 2154 miles. No title. It's a race bike. I have the Bill of Sale from the shop I bought it from. I work there. It's a great beginner bike or for someone who wants to do their own upgrades. I bought it to see if I wanted to continue riding. I did one track day with it and decided I'm too old and just not in to riding anymore. That's the only reason I am selling it. It runs, stops and rides great. It has no issues of any kind. And I am open to reasonable offers. Thanks, Tim.

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