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Won my first race at Big Willow :)

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by kennoy, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    I know it's not a WERA race but it's still racing :)

    Well the day started off cold. It was 28 degrees when I got to the track Sunday morning. Warmed up quick though. Skipped 1st practice so I could get a new rear tire mounted. Took almost an hour, started to wonder if I was going to have time to get them on the warmers before 2nd practice ended. there was a red flag in middle weight practice so I got some extra warmer time.

    My practice is up, I take it easy the 1st couple laps, pick up the pace for 3 or 4 laps to scrub the tires and came in and parked it.

    about 2:00 My race is up. Heavy weight Novice. I'm gridded 9th on the 3rd row out of 19. My friend Albert is right in front of me on the first row. Green flag drops and Albert and I both get great starts. Albert leads into turn 1, I settled into about 6th or 7th. Passed a few going into 2 and was in 3rd. Passed 2nd place coming out of 4. Now I have my sights set on Albert. He's fast and not easy to pass I finally caught him on lap 2 and passed him going into 7 on the back straight. Albert finished 2nd with a best time of 1:31.xxx

    Won my first race with a best lap time of 1:29.482.

    What a blast Can't wait till Feb 14th and 15th for my next race.
  2. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

  3. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

  4. firecat

    firecat Well-Known Member

    Congrats.....what a great feeling it is to cross the line first.
  5. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Even better is the fact that that it was my very first race ever. Heavy weight novice :up: I'm 44 yrs old and racing motorcycles.......WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME???? :):):)

    I love it. Been riding for 30 yrs and just now started racing :)
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
  6. maine11204

    maine11204 Well-Known Member

    Thats awesome man. I have a feeling my first race isn't going to be anything like that...
  7. PanchoR1

    PanchoR1 Member

    Congratulations man, saw your results on another site... I think I'll race at WSMC for the first time this year too, hopefully you'll see my R1 soon enough.

    Oh and I'm also a bit old to be popping the cherry. But I've got more trackdays than I got gray hairs, so...
  8. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Come say hi if you are ever there. Blue and White GSXR1000 #516
  9. Quiks66

    Quiks66 Billy the Kid

    Hey Ken, this is Billy on the Blue/Silver Ninja 250. I think we took the Novice class together...

    Anyhow, congrats on the win. Do you happen to have Sean Landess' contact info? He was on the HotBodies 08 Ninja 250. Thanks.
  10. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Just sent you PM with his cell # and email.

  11. Dr. GoFast

    Dr. GoFast Well-Known Member

    CONGRATS BRO! livin the dream.... :)
  12. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Thanks and Yes I am livin a dream. I actually didn't expect to win. I just went out and tried to have fun and next thing I knew, they waved the checkerd flag at me 6 lap later :) :)
  13. Quig

    Quig Well-Known Member

    #516!? Ha! You're the one who stole my buddies number... lol... :crackup:

    Congrats on a good start to your racing! You picked a hell of a month to come out, that weather was crazy for January.

    Good Luck in February. :beer:
  14. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, yeah he came up to me and said that I had his old number :)
  15. Quig

    Quig Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Scott is a cool guy.

    At least you're representing it well. Keep up the good work. :beer:
  16. 2weelferrum04

    2weelferrum04 Well-Known Member

    congrats ken i might be there on February, if i do i'll come say hello.
    its good to know i won't be the only old fart starting to race
  17. ate51

    ate51 Well-Known Member

    :up: congrats on your result. Same age as you and was out there in lightweight nervice. All us "senior" new racers should get together for a beer at the end of the raceday next time if they'l let us all in with our Rascals :clap:
  18. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    I know I'm not supposed to post youtube links here so I will just say log on to youtube and search for my user name. It's "kennoy1654" There you will see my racing videos from when I use to race minis (Honda RS125's with 85cc 2 strokes in them), some track day vids and the video from my first novice race on Jan. 18th.

    Enjoy the vids and feel free to post comments :up:
  19. kennoy

    kennoy Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Feel free to stop by my pit and say hi. Brick red 97 Ford F-150 Long bed, big "Suzuki" sticker on the back window. and Blue and White GSXR1000 #516.
  20. SAEID


    Congrats brotha... 1:29's is moving at the big track... I'll hopefully be joining you and Pancho at the Big Track real soon.

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