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What steering damper would you choose and why?

Discussion in 'Tech' started by Slinky001, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    I've have the Scott's and have had no problems.
  2. pecanflyboy

    pecanflyboy Well-Known Member

    Scotts versus GPR: GPR!!!

    High speed damping: They both have it. GPR's is internal and is fixed, reducing the parts that can wear out, and the possibility of damaging an external knob. Scotts has a high speed knob that they recommend leaving at factory settings! Sortof like nipples on a man. What's the point?

    Service: GPR will will replace the fluid and SEALS for $25......period. If there is any other damage, GPR is going to call you before they start spending money that you have not authorized.

    Scotts states $35 plus parts. Recently that equalled to almost $75, in total. I told them to call me if it was going to be over $35....they did not. When I contacted them after not hearing from them in over a week, they told me they would call me when they started working on the unit.......they did not. I simply got a bill for $75 and tracking number. Customer service told me this was common practice for their service. I was told to refuse the shipment, and they would reinstall the old seals at no charge.......priceless.

    So, in a nutshell, GPR cares about the racers that use their product. Scotts is either too big or to complacent to care.

  3. got40

    got40 On hiatus...

    I had a pit bull on my last bike. Ohlins on this one. I don't hardly use the thing; I keep it backed all the way out most of the time, and the highest setting I ever had one at is about 5 clicks in.

    I prefer the top mount because I can adjust it on the fly. Useful at tracks like nashville where the bike likes to shake its head a little AND there's a straightaway where its easy to reach down and add more if needed.
  4. GixxerBlade

    GixxerBlade Oh geez

    I have had a Daytona, GPR rotary, and a Scotts (Ohlins) rotary. The Scotts was by far my favorite. The Daytona was, well, cheap; the GPR developed a flat spot that was noticeable while racing :eek:, I tried bleeding it out with no success; and the Scotts was rock solid except that with so many adjustments there is no way to see how far you have gone.
  5. metricdevilmoto

    metricdevilmoto Just forking around

    I prefer any damper that you don't have to remove to get the tank off.
  6. afm199

    afm199 Well-Known Member

    I've kludged Toby and Daytona to be passable, but Ohlins is the premier brand, rotary or linear. The Ohlins on my GSXR is perfect.
  7. Biggboi

    Biggboi wera novice #446


    I had a ohlins no problems but now I use a gpr never had a problem. I get it serviced for free every year at the jersey ama round gpr is there great folks.
  8. Bobb Shyy

    Bobb Shyy Probably gonna get banned

    One that doesn't impede access to getting the fuel tank off.
  9. RubberChicken

    RubberChicken PimpMasterT

    I have both a straight rate and a progressive rate HyperPro for my S1000RR, and an Ohlins on my GSXR1000. I'd rate either of the HyperPro units as head and shoulders above the Ohlins.

    For recellent HyperPro Service and sales support, contact Klaus Huenecke at EPM Performance Imports

    I'm also a dealer for all of the HyperPro products if you want to keep it in the family.
  10. Havoc

    Havoc Well-Known Member

    Ive had Ohlins (srtraight type) and Scotts.The scotts is a pain when at the track and have to pop up the tank..But my ohlins had some magic from T Man..so maybe it wasnt a out of the box unit.
  11. gapman789

    gapman789 Well-Known Member

    Just got my GPR V4 and V1 back from GPR for servicing.

    Total cost for servicing on both stabilizers, $23 shipping to and from.

    (3) bikes, (3) GPR's FTW.
  12. masshole

    masshole sixoneseven

    I have the GPR V4 on two of my bikes and both units will be heading back to the
    manufacturer soon for leaks.

    My next damper purchase will be an active Hyperpro.
  13. nkldime70

    nkldime70 Well-Known Member

    I have tried the GPR, and now have a Scotts damper. There is a very noticeable difference between the two in my opinion. As mentioned earlier there is a flat spot present at the track. But my biggest problem or problems I had with the GPR damper was its tendency to leak and frequent rebuilds. The Scotts on the other hand is absolutely reliable and just well manufactured. Finally, on my R6 I noticed that the mounting hardware for the GPR would flex under hard transitions, the Scotts doesn't.
  14. yzedf

    yzedf Member

    scotts all day long. great top mount survived without a scratch 80mph high side.
  15. Repeater

    Repeater USCGRR

    I went the getto route till i can buy an Ohlins or PitBull. I put heavier fluid in my stock GSX-R unit.

    Works well except it is really tight on cold mornings.
  16. DaLions

    DaLions Shot Calla

    Scotts = snobbish company, and their damper is boring looking. GPR is more actively involved with customers, and their new gen dampers look tits.

    That being said, I would rather have a linear that mounts under the triple. It's ghey to have to remove a damper just to lift the tank.
  17. pecanflyboy

    pecanflyboy Well-Known Member

    I agree completely! Scotts customer service and attitude SUCKS!
  18. GixxerBlade

    GixxerBlade Oh geez

    I totally agree with this statement!
  19. pecanflyboy

    pecanflyboy Well-Known Member

    Ohlins/Scotts customer service sucks. They are arrogant and expensive.
  20. DaLions

    DaLions Shot Calla

    What year gsxr? I have an 05, and it was like that even with the stock fluid.

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