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Vintage events on schedule???

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by Hate McDead, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Hate McDead

    Hate McDead Well-Known Member

    Can someone point out the vintage events on the schedule for me? I simply don't see many dates listed. School me please as I'd like to start dreaming about putting together my WWWWVRS. And for those untrained in acronym interpretation this stands for Wonderful World Wide WERA Vintage Racing Schedule.
  2. Fuzzy317

    Fuzzy317 a Crash Truck near you

    any event with V or FV listed is vintage. The cycle jam for example:
    6/17-19 WERA Cycle Jam at Road Atlanta, Braselton, GA-V,
  3. WERA33

    WERA33 Well-Known Member

    There's only one event listed so far for vintage..Cycle Jam.
  4. ringdingding

    ringdingding TWO-STROKE MILITIA

    And Mid-O......
  5. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Same answer as the last few times - it's not done yet.
  6. KawH1R

    KawH1R Well-Known Member

    Well now, he is alive. Since your voice mail is full and you don't answer your phone, I was beginning to wonder! It is nice to see that you are so far along in your winter preparation, that you are looking at the schedule. Mr. Rutherford is so far ahead with his preparation , he has gone and bought himself a LaZboy and is kicked back taking a nap. So how is the KTM coming along? Have you tried it yet? Pictures?
  7. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

  8. ringdingding

    ringdingding TWO-STROKE MILITIA

    Vintage back to VIR, AWESOME!
  9. ringdingding

    ringdingding TWO-STROKE MILITIA

    And a DH at VIR. Both same date, never mind.
  10. TZRusty

    TZRusty Well-Known Member

    Flying to Phillip Island Sat. Nick Ienatsch riding my alloy Spondon YZR 750 in the International Challenge for Team USA
  11. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yeah I've got to sort VIR out event schedule wise. I was thinking Friday Vintage but not sure hence the regular V (and we don't have Friday at this point). Not sure what will happen but it's high on the list of things to sort out quickly in case I have to change it.
  12. RZ Racer

    RZ Racer It passed tech LAST time!

    Please please please!!!!!! Hate Friday V but would definitely make it to this one!
  13. t500racer

    t500racer Never Fails To Fail

    I will pre-register and pay right now if it would help! ;)
  14. bj

    bj Well-Known Member

    Me too. Friday, Saturday, any day, just want to race there again.
  15. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I'm working on it I promise. Give me a few days to a week.
  16. CharlieY

    CharlieY Well-Known Member

    Yo Bill Johnson!

    VIR was a lot of fun when Dean and I went there.....us, Eric Mercer, Bucky, Jamie, Jack.....some great runs.

    I'm still not sure how I kept Bucky at bay there, probably had power, we swapped every lap. I think I got him by a half bike at the line. What a blast!

    I remember Oldalowski blowing that last downhill turn and going dirtbiking! I thought he was just gonna ride dirt forever....there he goes, off into the sunset.

    My only prayer to race this year is with Ron Raven. I just took a job in florida, wife/house/shop/bikes are all staying in Atlanta......I may be living in a camper, which aint very conducive to racing.

    Good luck in 2016 boys!
  17. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    Some of you guys can run in Clubman or DSB, some in F2.
    You may get your butt kicked by the moderns, but you'll be on VIR.
    I have run in the 1st two.
  18. Hate McDead

    Hate McDead Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Mongo. Sorry to stir you from your hibernation....... But I see you've tagged a bunch of Vs to the schedule. To which I say SWEET! If I knew how easy it is to manipulate you and to motivate action by a few seemingly innocent words, I would have started poking you a long time ago. With a sharp stick even. And all this time I was under the mistaken concept that I could buy your love with a good craft beer. Not that I will abandon that form bribery anytime in the future. None the less. Live and Learn.............
  19. bj

    bj Well-Known Member

    Hey Charlie. I've ridden VIR twice and can't wait to get back. That effin Bucky got me in the last turn there in 2010. We'll be coming down for Roebling, both RA rounds and the GNF so I'm sure we can raid his cooler at least.
  20. CharlieY

    CharlieY Well-Known Member

    Sounds good Bill. I hope to catch up with you guys at one round anyway. I'll be living in Jacksonville Fla, trying to get home to Atlanta once a month or so, and from what I'm told also working OT ......so I'll have to see how it goes.

    I hear Ol Ron Raven is paying out cash for the WERA race at Barber in July.....You guys ran good there at GNF. Come on down, sounds like Ron may pay your gas bill!

    Sorry to hear about Summit not on the schedule, I know you guys liked it there. I always wanted to go there, but just never did. My bad.

    Hey, I just got around to reading my RoadRacing World for GNF.....looking good man! Good writeup too, You, Bucky,.....It was also good to read about John Cook in it. He worked hard getting there from his last crash where he almost sold out and quit.

    Mr. McDead.....I think its cuz you poked him with a dull stick and not a sharp one......you guys are both getting old, and all. :)

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