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Translogic R6 wiring

Discussion in 'Tech' started by rpm894, Jun 17, 2024.

  1. rpm894

    rpm894 Well-Known Member

    I’m bad with electrical, but whoever built this bike might be worse than me.

    I was trying out my backup R6 I recently got for the first time this weekend and couldn’t get the Translogic auto blip to work. I was going to figure it out after the weekend, but then the newly rebuilt engine in my main bike somehow destroyed itself.

    I thought maybe the push/pull sensor was bad because the quick shift worked but not the blip. Swapped the sensor out without luck. I got tired of using the clutch, so I downloaded the instructions and started tracing wires.

    I found the brake lever lockout wire, which only allows the blip to work if it is getting 12v, soldered (sloppily) into what I think is a running light plug on the right side oem harness. I found a blown fuse in the box on the left side. Replaced the fuse, blip worked two shifts, then stopped. Fuse blown again. So I did a makeshift splice into the lap timer power cord that was already wired to the fuse box under the seat. That fixed it, and it blipped smoothly the entire last session of the weekend.

    Im trying to figure out how to properly wire this lockout circuit. Does it need to be fused or could I just put a terminal on it and wire it to the battery? If I should tap into a fused wire somewhere already on the harness, where would you recommend?

    I don’t think I want to leave it on the lap timer power because I’m not sure what that fuse is for. I have no idea why the Translogic would blow the fuse for the light. Maybe that has a short that’s unrelated.

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