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Toy Hauler Vs. Enclosed Trailer with pop out

Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by Dr.Duct_Mossbur, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    A toilet in the trailer is a nice thing at 0-dark thirty when you really don't want to get up, get dressed, walk/pedal/ride however far to the nearest bush/portatoilet/restroom, return and, now that you're wide awake, go back to sleep.

    A portable camper toilet will suffice in a utility/cargo trailer and could be viewed as a luxury. Been using this since '02...
    It's about the smallest on the market, 8L capacity, and they're getting pricey.
    I only use it at night if having to get out of bed or whenever I'm fully dressed in riding gear and pressed for time. Used like so, it will more than last a weekend if you hide it from the women folk...they will fill it on day one with excessive amounts of toilet paper, piss and endless attempts to flush said excessive amounts of toilet paper.
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  2. Jon Wilkens

    Jon Wilkens Well-Known Member

    What's so awful about facilities at the track? It's a track, not the taj mahal. :rolleyes:
  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Wives/family will stay home rather than use them.
  4. Jon Wilkens

    Jon Wilkens Well-Known Member

    Pretty sad...first world problems I guess.:rolleyes:
  5. Dr.Duct_Mossbur

    Dr.Duct_Mossbur Well-Known Member

    Do we view this as a negative? [emoji2369]

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  6. Jon Wilkens

    Jon Wilkens Well-Known Member

    Only if you have a less than kick ass spouse....lol
  7. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator


    I do, I like having families be a part of the entire thing.
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  8. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Not for me...:crackup:she can stay home all the time...
  9. dtrides

    dtrides Active Member

    Lots of choices if you are single...
    Just know that could change if you add a +1.
    We started out looking at smaller TT 'rs(around 19' total length). After the wife saw me load the bikes in the back of the pick up (3/4 T 4x4) she realized she didn't want to even attempt getting her bike in and out of that....so we started looking at TH'rs.
    For us, a dedicated queen bed that could be used with bikes inside. Also, wanted a dry bath with room to turn around in.
    Ended up with a 21SB Genesis. Super comfortable at the track! (26' total length and 7K lbs empty so not 1/2 T friendly when loaded)
    At lunch or between sessions it is nice to go into a quieter, cool space to relax and have a meal.
    On a three or four day trip I like that I have 100 Gal of fresh water. I don't always fill it up but it is nice to have if you need it.
    I can take a shower every night (and at the end of the track day/race weekend before I hit the road. That is GOLD right there!).
    Having a good size fridge/freezer is recommended if you have the space. A large bag of ice in the freezer for beverages and a stocked fridge is awesome for not eating out (or going without) .
    Has built in 4K gen (if I need it) and 20 gal fuel tank to share with the bikes. So nice to just fill the race cans from the trailer vs riding down and paying track pump prices. or carrying a bunch of full gas cans in back of truck. It also comes in handy at home to fill the road bike as well. :)
    I also highly recommend the Pit Bull trailer restraint system, so nice to load the bikes now and not hassle with tie downs or worry about your bike coming loose!
    I watch my buddy set up his cargo trailer for the weekend and it looks like a real pain. While it gets the job (basics) done (and way better than pitching a tent in the pits) he is ready for a TH and the convince they bring.
    What ever you get, go just a bit more that what you think you will need...you wont regret it later! :)
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  10. Dr.Duct_Mossbur

    Dr.Duct_Mossbur Well-Known Member

    This thread has been great. While I know that 99% of the time I will be solo (not with the family) at the track, I think I'm leaning toward something that could potentially accommodate them if they wanted to join. At the same time, I could also let a friend stay if they want to tag along or another friend at the track that doesn't have a spot. I'd like the option for shower and toilet but ideally, I would try to limit the trailer to greywater just for an ease of dumping, if that makes sense?

    I still like the idea of the Stealth Nomad but am also leaning toward the below-linked hauler. Slightly cheaper and will be easier to offload.


  11. ducnut

    ducnut Well-Known Member

    I wouldn’t worry too much about black water disposal. Certain Flying J truck stops (they have RV service islands), campgrounds, state parks, some tracks, and other places will have dump stations. Just make sure to hit one, on the way home, when solid waste is still floating. Never park and leave black tanks sit for extended periods. When I replaced my sewer lines, I added two 4” cleanouts, with screw-in plugs, before I poured my driveway. I have a spigot right there, as well.

    The only things I notice is the placement of the entry door and distance to the cabinetry forward of that door. Is there enough distance to park a bike there, without access issues? Checkout the Forest River Hyperlite series of toyhaulers. They have “normal” entry door placement.
  12. Dr.Duct_Mossbur

    Dr.Duct_Mossbur Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I like the Hyperlite but despite their name, they're heavier. My truck has a max tongue weight of 800lbs with weight distribution and their tongue weight is 1200lbs. They're also about $10k more.

    I've also considered going up to the 22' model.

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  13. MVA25

    MVA25 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this is here, I didn’t read all the posts, but check out millennium trailers.

    The toy hauler styles are pretty good looking. Not sure on the quality, but I’m sure they are pretty good.

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