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Richard Sherman

Discussion in 'General' started by omatter34, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. jt21

    jt21 JFugginT

    I laughed when Erin Andrews asked him "who's talking about you?" LOL

    the dude is outspoken, loud & maybe a douche (ok not maybe) but he delivers when its time. Deion Sanders did a lot of the same kind of talking.
  2. backcountryme

    backcountryme Word to your mother.

    I just saw it. That kind of crap is the reason I really don't get into stick and ball sports. Just a bunch of oversized egos playing a children's game.
  3. dean dufrene

    dean dufrene Well-Known Member

    I think, for me anyway, it comes down to the fact that these are highly paid atheles. if I was making that kind of money, on national tv, I would act and speak differently. Of course, my mom raised me better also.
  4. ekraft84

    ekraft84 Registered User

    Many did, but it gets overblown now that Peyton is there.

    If we're talking about a team doing a lot with a little, Brady should get at least a little credit, FWIW.
  5. earacing

    earacing Race Dad

  6. Jim Moore

    Jim Moore Well-Known Member

    Good point. He was a fifth round pick though. I'm sure he didn't get a ton of cash in his first contract.
  7. DrA5

    DrA5 The OTHER Great Dane


    What do you expect after that game and that play. Corporate blah, blah, blah speech? Dude had emotion. There is a significant back story there. Read about how Crabtree wanted to fight him at Larry Fitzgerald's CHARITY event.......

    They did not throw his way most of the night and then when they decided to, he made "the play". He has every right to be amped up. Until we make the game winning play that gets us to the biggest game, we'll never know how we will respond.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014
  8. DrA5

    DrA5 The OTHER Great Dane

    A lot of people are coming out today in defense of Sherman, noting how he is off the field, with his charity work, being an eloquent Stanford grad.

    But realize this. NFL receivers are the divas of the league. DB's are frustrated WR's that can't catch, which is why they are DB's. So, they already got that chip on their shoulder. They have to match up mentally to the Divas of the Divas.
  9. frackadelic

    frackadelic Buddha Stalin is Chronic

    I dunno, it was a well-written article. But to me, what defines a good sport - winner or loser - is the ability to shut off emotion long enough to shake hands, offer a 'good game', and get off the field with dignity.

    So, was it justified due to the previous bad blood, the big play, and wild atmosphere...sure; but was it sportsman-like...nope.
  10. tophyr

    tophyr Grid Filler


    two out of three, i guess...
  11. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    I thought WRs were DBs that were afraid to hit:Poke:
  12. SLLaffoon

    SLLaffoon Well-Known Member


    They weren't really unknowns, more just young guys. Both were high draft picks in 2010 (Thomas a 1st, Decker a 3rd). A combination of injuries and Tebow may have depressed their stats a little, but they were still dangerous (just ask the Steelers). That said, it never hurts to have 5477 yards and 55 touchdowns to distribute around a receiver corps.
  13. Knotcher

    Knotcher Well-Known Member

    That interview wasn't 5 minutes after that play, it was maybe 30 seconds.

    It's interesting that the 'hawks are getting labeled as a group of Shermans, but the rest of the team is pretty quiet.

    It was a bit over the top, but he didn't really say anything that nasty. He was just still talking normal football trash (really tame football trash) but he did it to the camera. The glimpse of what is really college level trash talk seems to be shocking to some of you.
  14. jt21

    jt21 JFugginT

    he should get A LOT of credit for that & the season they had, Amendola was the only receiver i've ever heard of, and he made those dudes look like rock stars.
  15. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    I do like Russell Wilson, and your running back is a bad mofo.
  16. ckruzel

    ckruzel Graphicologist Xtremeist

    sherman can catch, i think he had like 8 interceptions this year, not bad for a shut down corner who doesn't get thrown at much
  17. ttt637

    ttt637 Well-Known Member

    Unless he takes speech class and decides to look presentable and not a lumberjack he will never get the endorsement deals that Payton and the others have.
  18. spcassell

    spcassell Well-Known Member

    He's still a douche Stanford grad or not. I'm sure he wasn't running his cock sucker when he went to shake Crabtree's hand. Here's a little tid bit from this awesome role model.


    And for the record. I could give two shits about football but It's a shame that people like Sherman can't take the high road or at least get over themselves.
  19. Metalhead

    Metalhead Dong pilot

    As a career free safety (Meaning...I was the puniest effer on the field and HAD to play that position), I can honestly sat we're NOT afraid to hit, it's just that we don't want our hair messed up. Chicks dig us the most. We can't look all banged up at the end of a game. lol.:clap:
  20. thrak410

    thrak410 My member is well known

    I swear he has the worst 'chin beard' I've ever seen...


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