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Priced to sell 2020 GSXR1000 race ready

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by z00, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. z00

    z00 Active Member

    Clean title 2020 GSXR 1000, 6500miles, 2k miles on track, rest on the street. Never raced.
    Located in Raleigh NC.

    Bike runs great, all maintenance done, ready to rip. 200HP, tuned & ergos set up by KWS, see pics.
    Bike weighs 380lbs with 2 gallons of gas.

    Full TI system: Spark TI GSU8812
    Ktech pro DDS shock with clevis to extend length, 10.5 on bike, 11 spring available
    Fork carts: ktech DDS with cap extenders with extra springs
    Steering damper: Ohlins SD 030

    Attack Clip-Ons (Tangent zero offset)
    Attack Rearsets: race pegs, alum race guards (not carbon)
    MC VRC Galespeed
    Keyless tank cap

    Speed bleeder valves on all MCs
    Hel UK steel brake lines
    Hel UK underslug billet rear brake calipers
    Hel thumb brake kit, fork mounted (awesome mod)
    New SBS DS1 brake pads & Motul 700

    Race fairing Stay used by Atlas team
    Race rear brake rotor with TI bolts
    DID race Chain 520 118 links, 16T front, 42T rear new, extra 41T sprocket
    Driven Block off plates
    Shorai battery LI

    GB Racing protection: brake guard & case covers
    EC-GSXR1000-L7-5-GBR, EC-GSXR1000-L7-SET-GBR, BLG-16-14-A160-GBR
    WC frame sliders 50-0252 race short pucks
    Woodcraft Suzuki GSX-R1000 17-20 Keyswitch Elimination Harness
    Woodcraft Sidestand Elimination Plug gsxr 2017+
    Driven magentic drain plug, safety oil alum fill cap
    ABS delete plug
    Quick turn throttle
    CRC fairings, unpainted with some scuffs on clutch side.

    Titax forged race wheels (used in SBK, moto2/3) plus OEM wheels, both mount to bike, see pricing details
    Captive spacers
    Domino grips
    BSB tank shroud with Eazi grips

    MWR velocity stack
    MWR air filter race SBK
    Sato race shifter arm support
    Ignition hole Camera mount (works with any camera)

    $16,900bike + OEM wheels only
    $18,900 bike + forged racing wheels (1 set total, includes sprockets, cush drives, etc...)
    $20,000 bike + forged & spare OEM wheels (2 sets total) + Extras below

    2 sets SBS DS1 brake pads (1 on bike, 2 as spares).
    Rear caliper Brembo spare pads.
    Many OEM parts

    Extra Misc:
    Canopy, mattress, fuel jugs. All in great shape for the right deal.

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  2. z00

    z00 Active Member

  3. z00

    z00 Active Member

  4. z00

    z00 Active Member

    Willing to trade for a street bike: S1000RR 23+, ZX1 22+, R1 21+, V4 22+ and figure out cash plus on either side depending on bike.
  5. SGK

    SGK Member

    Still available?
  6. z00

    z00 Active Member

    Yes. Let me know if you have any questions and which option are you interested in (forged + oem wheels, extras, etc...).
  7. SGK

    SGK Member

    I may have jumped the gun a bit. I sold my bike a few months ago after going down hard in the last race of the season. I am now thinking about jumping back into things but have not yet decided. The deciding could take me a few weeks. Please shoot me an email [email protected] if you willing to communicate offline.
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  8. Randy marder

    Randy marder Cappedrider

    That would be sick. I just built a new bike. Ur gonna need it to keep up and u know u want to race mid Ohio again with that new pavement . Wish u the best which ever way just make sure u show up
  9. z00

    z00 Active Member

    Bike is still available.

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