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Oil lamp shade anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by bergs, Dec 22, 2023.

  1. bergs

    bergs Well-Known Member

    Anyone here have contacts for antique oil lamp shades?

    After being stored in a box for 40+ years, my wife broke out an oil lamp to set up in our house and, naturally, I cleaned it up and made it a runner.

    Also naturally, a couple weeks later I proceeded to accidentally tip it over which resulted in a lot of broken (original) glass.

    I've been on the hunt for replacement glass and have been striking out locally so I'm expanding the search a bit and here's what I'm looking for:

    Chimney - ideally 12" tall with a 2 3/8" base (max OD)

    Shade - clear etched ball with floral type of design, flanged base, 4 5/8" (max OD)

    Yes, I can go to eBay.

    Yes there are online stores to possibly source this.

    Ultimately I'd like to see if I'm able to connect with someone more directly, hence this thread.

    Thank you for any help you can provide
  2. Super Dave

    Super Dave Exhausted and Abused

    I'd say a local antique store or, if you're really luck, a local antique lighting store. Some antique lighting stores specialize in specific period's of lighting, so...it can be different area to area and maybe not of your period.

    Some items are specific in era and design, and possibly the best replacements could be from an online store. I've used https://antiquelampsupply.com, and they have the most straightforward web name. :)
  3. damiankelly

    damiankelly Well-Known Member

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