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Official YouTube Video Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Mongo, May 13, 2009.

  1. G 97

    G 97 Garth

    Good stuf, a lot of people got a nice treat. I wonder if they thought if they did this all the time. :D
  2. wayne13

    wayne13 Active Member

  3. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

  4. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

  5. panthercity

    panthercity Thread Killa

    Yep. Going by braille in a burning home is a true experience. You are constantly thinking about the (possible) victim, your fellow firefighter and remembering EXACTLY how you got in so you can get out.
  6. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    Fun starts at 2:50

    Veyron vs Agera

    Funny how those names look like a Japanese monster movie.
  7. thrak410

    thrak410 My member is well known

    Last edited: Dec 13, 2013
  8. hank748

    hank748 Well-Known Member

  9. simonburic

    simonburic Runs Wide

    Older but still awesome, sorry for the poor quality.

    Cypress Hill and Slash doing Rock Superstar.

    I don't remember this on ABC though, hard to see it being on there :confused:

  10. blueduc37

    blueduc37 Well-Known Member

    I always thought this needs to be done on some tards or dirt bikes.
  11. BSA43

    BSA43 Well-Known Member

    I think motorcycle soccer was tried several decades ago.
  12. Putter

    Putter Ain't too proud to beg

  13. darylbowden

    darylbowden Well-Known Member

  14. whitarnold

    whitarnold Bike #137

  15. whitarnold

    whitarnold Bike #137

  16. desmo2

    desmo2 Well-Known Member

  17. zertrider

    zertrider Waiting for snow. Or sun.

  18. eggfooyoung

    eggfooyoung You no eat more!

    Who is that on the TV box?
  19. desmo2

    desmo2 Well-Known Member

    Ha! I noticed that, too! Looks like "LG" on the windscreen rather than a number.
  20. zertrider

    zertrider Waiting for snow. Or sun.

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