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Netflix. What to watch?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dits, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Dits

    Dits Will shit in your fort.

    We've watched that show that is staged in Islamorada , the Borgia, Stranger Things, Hell on Wheels... I have been watching The Tudors. What's next?

    Getting old and want to watch tv
  2. Putter

    Putter Ain't too proud to beg

    Shameless. Bates Motel.
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  3. BSA43

    BSA43 Well-Known Member

    Boardwalk Empire
  4. Dits

    Dits Will shit in your fort.

    Forgot to mention Shameless. I watched all of it. That show was a biography of my childhood.
  5. StaccatoFan

    StaccatoFan My 14 year old is faster than your President

    Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Gotham, Longmeyer
  6. Dits

    Dits Will shit in your fort.

    What's the premise?
  7. Putter

    Putter Ain't too proud to beg


    That show was awesome. Depraved and sick, but awesome
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  8. crankspleenless

    crankspleenless Muh spleeeeen

    Black Mirror
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  9. Dits

    Dits Will shit in your fort.

    Longmeyer looks good.
  10. bleacht

    bleacht Well-Known Member

  11. bleacht

    bleacht Well-Known Member

    Daredevil, Marco Polo, Parks and Recreation
  12. Dits

    Dits Will shit in your fort.

    Being poor in the industrial Midwest is no joke.

    Edit- in the 1970s when your dad was a lineman on strike and you wore hand me down toughskins. Rough
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  13. crankspleenless

    crankspleenless Muh spleeeeen

    "The OA" was pretty trippy. Just gotta ignore the stupid ass dancing...
  14. Dits

    Dits Will shit in your fort.

    Give me lowdown on Black Mirror
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  15. Mran556

    Mran556 Well-Known Member

    The League.. awesome comedy

    Wait u never said breaking bad.. time to put in for some time off and knock that shit out.. PS its better with a little meth
  16. bleacht

    bleacht Well-Known Member

    Every episode is different so there's no on-going story to follow. It's like Twighlight Zone as it's a satirical look at how technology affects is now and in the future. There are legit actors in most episodes that you will recognize as well.
  17. SnacktimeKC

    SnacktimeKC Well-Known Member

    Every episode is different and sometimes oddly believable. As in, girl is kidnapped and is going to be killed unless the Prime Minister of England fucks a pig on tv. You can watch to see if he does or not.

    Better Call Saul is pretty good.
  18. crankspleenless

    crankspleenless Muh spleeeeen

    hahahaha... my wife just got to that one last night. She had to skip the portion of it because she couldn't even *think* about that.

    Season 3 Episode 1 is very spot on. It's basically happening now. They just took it to an extreme. Like Bleacht said, it's based off of a future that is centered around technology. It shows the ways technology can corrupt/socially modify people's behavior and reasoning.
  19. crankspleenless

    crankspleenless Muh spleeeeen

    Can't believe I didn't mention it earlier...

  20. Trunxgp1224

    Trunxgp1224 Well-Known Member

    Clintons almost biography.

    Everyone has mentioned most I can think of, if you have Amazon prime then Man in the High Castle.

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