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MotoGP | 2025 | Silly Season

Discussion in 'General' started by BigBird, Mar 18, 2024.

  1. IL8APEX

    IL8APEX Well-Known Member

  2. IL8APEX

    IL8APEX Well-Known Member

    Also, after watching the latest Moto2 race I really think that Ai Ogura would succeed at the next level. His inputs are so smooth and deliberate, and he moves across the bike so slowly so as not to disrupt it. If I were HRC I'd definitely roll the dice and replace Taka (one of my favorites in the paddock for his personality) with Ogura.

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  3. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

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  4. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    Gardner beat him comfortably today.

    They probably kept him to relay information between Aleix and Zarco. They hate each other nearly as much as Rossi hates Marquez. :D
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  5. jonathanp

    jonathanp Tech drop out

    So a question I have not seen yet is
    Who replaces Roberts if he does go motoGP? American or not American? Who is the right age and skill level that is in Moto America?
  6. motion

    motion Nihilistic Member

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  7. YoshiHNS

    YoshiHNS Mr. Slowly

    Just ask Cal how he feels about Yamaha using his feedback, and double that sentiment. I bet Bradl does a few test laps and the engineers tell him what his feedback is.
  8. 2blueYam

    2blueYam Track Day Addict

    Pretty sure that she won't be old enough for Moto2 next year.
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  9. Rdrace42

    Rdrace42 Almost Cheddar

    You mean the same Kayla that many on here said she didn't deserve the ride with Rahal? The same Kayla that fought hard in the dry at the Ridge, and ended up on the podium?
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  10. LukeLucky

    LukeLucky Well-Known Member

    I really like Kayla and I think she could have a future in World-level racing, but I don’t think she’s there just yet. If I ran American Racing’s Moto2 project, I’d probably just get whichever Moto2 or Moto3 or Moto2 JrGP that’s the best, nationality aside.

    I think American Racibg used to have their own Moto2 JrGP team, but I’m not sure. Regardless, I’d also try to get Kayla and Ty Scott on that American Racing Moto2 JrGP to get them up to speed on Moto2 machinery and tracks.

    That part needs to be more clear for Americans imo.
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  11. 05Yamabomber

    05Yamabomber Dammit Haga

    Rocco Landers
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  12. jonathanp

    jonathanp Tech drop out

    I use to agree with that, but if he can’t ride in the rain he definitely doesn’t need to be there. That and his temper tantrums have made me less of a fan.
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  13. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    His rookie's cup performance probably did not go unnoticed.
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  14. 05Yamabomber

    05Yamabomber Dammit Haga

    I still feel like he is the right age and skills to excel. The rain riding is an issue Im sure he is already working on. If I had to pick an american that would be my choice. Would not get instant return on investment for sure. His rookies cup had some misfortune for sure. Plus he is big I think for those bikes. I dont see sending anyone else, that is young and has similar talent. He does have some experience on euro tracks.
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  15. younglion

    younglion Well-Known Member

    Some uber rich team owner (Rahal, Bitbul) should choose 4-5 of Americans best young guns and send them to Jerez/Portimao somewhere for a week - 2-3 days of getting used to a Moto2 bike/tires, the track, and setup changes, then 2-3 days of hammer down testing to see how they stack up compared to the Spanish National kids - numbers don't lie.
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  16. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    Sorry but no. She ain’t there yet. Not even close. To even consider it is laughable.
  17. Rdrace42

    Rdrace42 Almost Cheddar

    Actually not saying she's ready for the big show. I am, however, pointing out that there were plenty of naysayers that said she wouldn't do anything on the Rahall ride. Heck, you might even be one of them. I'm saying she's got the drive to keep pushing farther than people will expect, and she's got the marketability to sell if and when she ever achieves her potential in riding ability. Does she have the natural skill of someone like Rocco? I'm saying probably no, but I also get the impression that she knows she has to work harder to get what she wants. There are plenty of fast guys that ride around with a chip on their shoulder, who think they're the next coming of Schwantz, but maybe too full of themselves to actually learn how to get there.
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  18. The Great One

    The Great One Well-Known Member

    You probably would not like the outcome of this…
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  19. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    Mikey Lou Sanchez, the Texan kid, is running a Mir series in Spain and won two last weekend… he’s been working his way up to podiums and now wins the last couple of years…
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  20. younglion

    younglion Well-Known Member

    I have no horse in this hypothetical race so I just suggested it purely from a Fan perspective and to answer the question that keeps resurfacing the past 10-15 years - are American kids able to get on par with the Euro's right now given their path to racing vs theirs?

    ...and to be clear, I don't think expecting them to go over and lay down top 10 times in the Spanish National Moto2 Series is "on par" - those kids have 10 years experience on the tracks and bikes so with 4-5 days of seat time I wouldn't expect them to be that close, more so looking at which ones could adapt the easiest to the different chassis than they are used to and which ones maybe surprised with their pace (or lack of...)

    Buy plane tickets for Rocco, Kayla (yes, KAYLA!!!!), Ty, Blake, and maybe 1-2 more - partner with an experienced Moto2 Jr team over there for equipment and track time, and invite RRW to follow the progress and report on it. As a fan, I'd LOVE to see how that goes.
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