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MotoGP | 2024 | Race 3 | USA | COTA | April 12-15

Discussion in 'General' started by BigBird, Apr 1, 2024.

  1. BigBird

    BigBird blah


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  2. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking The Iron Price

    Fuck yeah.
  3. tzrider

    tzrider CZrider

    it's in 2 weeks, no?....

    (Hey! I'm a sucker for a set routine...:D)
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  4. Dan Dubeau

    Dan Dubeau Well-Known Member

    Zarco FTW
  5. prospected

    prospected Well-Known Member

    I don’t know if it’s the setup or what but they better find some top end in Marc’s Duc. Qatar and Portimao were pretty embarrassing.
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  6. Spang308

    Spang308 Well-Known Member

    He seems to be the only Duc getting owned on the straights. His brother might be also, but he's rarely on camera, so I can't tell.
  7. nd4spd

    nd4spd Well-Known Member

    Marc's bike is a year old and no longer being developed. Factory & Pramac are the current year bikes. Short of rain or mechanical/self inflicted issues with the top teams it's unlikely Marc is going anywhere near the top step as the GP24s will continue to get better.
  8. dieterly

    dieterly Well-Known Member

    He explained he still have issues in the fast corners and that in turn affects his straightaway speed, shouldn’t be an issue at COTA
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  9. SeventeenRR

    SeventeenRR Well-Known Member

    I believe he’s been given the base spec that they started 23 with, so there’s still the opportunity that he gets the developments they made during 23.
  10. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    Won't happen if he keeps dumping on the champ......:eek:
  11. motion

    motion Nihilistic Member

    No shit... lets watch MM destroy Ducati in one year. Its happening.
  12. grapemustard

    grapemustard Well-Known Member

    i'll take this statement and say he top steps COTA. if he can do it on a honda over and over again, he can do it on the Duc.
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  13. DJ Baker

    DJ Baker Well-Known Member

    No matter what happens, it's going to be epic. I'm riding my Victory out there from San Diego with a buddy from Sedona on his GS, stopping in Roswell for a night on the way, and staying in an Airstream on a ranch/resort about an hour SW of the track. It will be the first time there for both of us. I'm hoping for a MM win and a podium for PA. BB fighting for a spot on the box would be a nice bonus.
  14. fastedyamaha

    fastedyamaha Well-Known Member

    Hard to pick against Pecco or Martin to win. Both are riding at dare I say "alien status". Marky will be the wild card due to his past success at this track. True test of the Hunduh as it won here last year, where will the top Hunduh finish?
  15. Circacee

    Circacee Well-Known Member

    I'm going for a long shot..

    P1: Marquez
    P2: Binder
    P3: Martin

    Pecco dumps it like last year.
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  16. Letitsnow

    Letitsnow Well-Known Member

    It would be something if Rins could win this. Probably won't happen, but I look at last year.
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  17. wsmc42

    wsmc42 Well-Known Member

    I think Marc will get his win or throw it down trying. I know that's the Marquez style anyway but I think being the "king of COTA" will add a little fuel to his fire. I like Bastianini's chance here too. Should be some great racing.
  18. Dave Wolfe

    Dave Wolfe I know nuttin!

    Zarco wins on the honda with Acosta in second and Pecco in third
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  19. socalrider

    socalrider pathetic and rude

    I'd laugh my ass off if zarco wins. But I'll raise a pint to you if he does! :beer:
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  20. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    The American rounds I like to do early in case there are any WERA folks that have travel plans or plans for meetups
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