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Moto America Twins could get (more) interesting.

Discussion in 'General' started by SpeedWerks Racing, Mar 15, 2023.

  1. SpeedWerks Racing

    SpeedWerks Racing Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2023
  2. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    Cool...but needs more R's in the title.
  3. 2blueYam

    2blueYam Track Day Addict

    So would a 755 twin be Twins Cup or Supersport in the new MA world? Where is the line? Presumably more that the R7 but less than the Ducati.
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  4. brex

    brex Well-Known Member

    Must be the long-lost RC 61.
  5. YamahaRick

    YamahaRick Yamaha Two Stroke Czar

    A Honda Hornet with a fairing. Big woop.

    It's still a Honda, and sadly, not a Monkey.

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  6. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    But it's Honda, they'll fuckitup.
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  7. TWF2

    TWF2 2 heads are better than 1

    Twins cup, it will only make 60hp :)
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  8. stk0308

    stk0308 Well-Known Member

    Really? "young-machine.com"? Nope, not falling for that.
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  9. 2blueYam

    2blueYam Track Day Addict

    I know, was mostly joking in this case, but somewhat serious on the overall question longer term, although is seems like bikes in between have the version with bars just head to Hooligans.
  10. motion

    motion Nihilistic Member

    Junior Cup
  11. motion

    motion Nihilistic Member

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  12. Past Glory

    Past Glory Well-Known Member

    Are you dissing the welds?
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  13. SpeedWerks Racing

    SpeedWerks Racing Well-Known Member

    from the article;
    [Although it is not as heavy as the R7's 188kg, if you add it to the Hornet's 190kg and keep it within 200kg, you can take advantage of the 92ps Hornet engine to achieve a power-to-weight ratio of 2.16kg/ps, which is 73ps. It can surpass R7's 2.57kg/ps. It is the reason why you can enjoy driving with a more sporty degree while being within the range that you can handle.
    If the equipment is also handed over from the Hornet, the full color meter/traction control/riding mode/wheelie control/engine brake control and electronic equipment far exceeds the R7. When the editorial department assumed the price when the Hornet was released in Japan based on the UK price, the amazing result was about 824,000 yen. I definitely want to see the amazingly priced super sports CBR750R!]
  14. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Honda has yet to make a viable twin so mark me very doubtful.
  15. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

    That makes you a liar, cause the Hawk was awesome!!!:Poke:
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  16. ahrma_581

    ahrma_581 Well-Known Member

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  17. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I never said anything about awesome or not awesome. I said viable in a discussion about racing. Even brand new the Hawk wasn't competitive, that's why it has so many exceptions in our rulebook :D
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  18. gixxernaut

    gixxernaut Hold my beer & watch this

    "Any" viable twin or are we only talking about lightweight classes? The RC51 strikes me as a viable twin pretty much out of the box. For its day that is. Let's not forget the stock bike had a top speed of around 205 mph. Just ask your friendly neighborhood Minnesota LEO.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2023
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  19. TWF2

    TWF2 2 heads are better than 1

    Really amazing, 750cc and 72hp. With those numbers it should have at least one more R in name :)
  20. grasshopper

    grasshopper Well-Known Member

    Oh great.... another underpowered Honda. They continue to miss the mark over and over
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