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Iso track bike.

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Greg Prokopchak, Dec 29, 2022.

  1. Greg Prokopchak

    Greg Prokopchak New Member

    Looking for a fairly set up track bike! (Track Plastics and exhaust tune quick shiter minimum) Dont care if it has a title or not. Trying to stay as close to ny as possible ! Thank you!
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  2. Robby Ringnalda

    Robby Ringnalda Well-Known Member

    I have a no title clean Vin 2010 r6 that is a clean slate right now. Could build it to a starter track r6 based on budget and deliver to new York next week. Or if you have a bigger budget I have 3 bikes ready to go fully built. Shoot me a text if interested. 6142708617
  3. Rushhour

    Rushhour Member

    ZX10R track ready listed in this forum. Bike is in California. You can arrange shipping. 9546507164.
  4. tim debusk

    tim debusk Active Member

    What's your budget? Might help save a little time.
  5. cookd

    cookd Member

    I have a 07 CBR 600 with 17 race plastics and a quick shifter. Along with some other stuff. I’m located in Massachusetts. Send me a pm if interested.
  6. Randy marder

    Randy marder Cappedrider

    Have a 2018 zx10 for 7k obo. Hasn’t been tracked yet but set up for it. 3308422830 if ur interested
  7. roberto

    roberto Well-Known Member

    I have a well setup 2nd gen sv
  8. Mateo2Kings

    Mateo2Kings Member

    09 fully track prep Daytona 675...lots of spares

  9. VTRDarren

    VTRDarren Well-Known Member

    2015 KTM rc390. Full exhaust, power commander, track bodywork, radial master cylinder, rearsets (in box), aluminum front fairing stay, oversized front rotor, ohlins shock. $3250 in Western NY.
  10. tim debusk

    tim debusk Active Member

    I got a 2018 zx6r with title full race build with tons of extras for 8k

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  11. 57x

    57x Out riding

    This is just like saying I want a bike .....

    What do you want? I have a VERY tweeked out ZX10R, so accordingly, the price is not for the faint of heart ....... I also have a heavily modded 06 GSXR1000, cheaper, but not cheap. I also have an SV650 track beotch with nice toys, not crazy expensive. How about a heavily modded ZX7R with an 836?
  12. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    PM details of this ZX7!!
  13. 57x

    57x Out riding

    94 ZX7R Clean title miles unknown
    Powdercoated frame
    92 ZX7 powdercoated swingarm with chain guide lowered
    94 subframe powdercoated
    1mm raised swingarm side blocks
    Renthal clipons
    Aprilia RSV Ohlins radial forks with superbike valving
    Penske shock with reservoir
    Attack triple
    New Marvic "old school" round 5-spoke 17" magnesium wheels
    Brembo rotors
    Brembo Aprilia radial calipers
    Brembo radial master cylinder with remote adjuster
    Factory cable clutch perch and lever
    Factory "trellis' front fairing stay with clone bottles
    Kit Endurance harness with all relays and sensors
    Kit ECU
    Kit ignitor
    Total loss but has a functioning starter
    Tusk dirt bike harness for lights and sensors
    Morimoto endurance single high/low beam LED headlight
    Endurance aluminum fuel tank
    Factory upper stay / front fuel tank bracket
    836cc engine with Zlock Racing Kit
    Kitted 39mm flatslides carbs, recently cleaned with fresh o-rings and gaskets
    Sebimoto carbon kevlar clone Kit airbox
    Kit engine carb adapters
    Kit carb clamps
    Muzzy titanium header and mid with custom can
    Custom carbon fiber exhaust hanger
    Kit overflow tank
    Pair valve covers
    Billet ignition cover
    Clone Muzzy clutch lever conversion
    Clone Kit rearsets
    Clone Muzzy battery tray
    Clone carbon fiber package tray for electronics, ECU, etc.
    Clone Kit linkage and dogbones
    Muzzy front and rear stands never sold to the public
  14. KneeDragger_c69

    KneeDragger_c69 Well-Known Member

    What's your budget ? Middleweight, heavywieght ???

    ZX6R 2013
  15. 57x

    57x Out riding

    Give it up guys. He hasn't logged in since he created this.
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  16. Jack Chamberlain

    Jack Chamberlain New Member

    Keep it going I'm browsing the listings :dead:
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  17. jeffmack

    jeffmack Well-Known Member

  18. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

  19. 57x

    57x Out riding

    I plan to put it up on auction this year. I'm expecting over $15K for it. Here's a pic with her clothes off so you can see some of the toys.
  20. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

    SWEET! I need that and my old 95 ZX6R Muzzy Supersport bike! Great work!

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