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First WERA race this weekend

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by msracer171, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. msracer171

    msracer171 New Member

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that I met this weekend at Willow Springs and have to say, this was one of the best groups I've had the pleasure of riding and racing with.

    From practice to the races I competed in, I never experienced any close calls or frustration with other riders. I ride a black R6 (#171) and need some more seat time to get up to this group's pace but even the fast guys passed me clean in practice. I even got to play with an expert rider in the C superstock race and learned a few things.

    I improved my best time to a 1:35.8 so maybe I'll be able to battle with everyone by November's race.
  2. Hotfoot

    Hotfoot Well-Known Member

    Nice post! Conditions were tough so it was very impressive how well everything was run and that everyone seemed to stay cheerful and pleasant in spite of the heat and strong wind.

    It was good to see you out there, and well done on your race results.

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