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Does anyone know how to track a stolen Iphone?

Discussion in 'General' started by dicksrc51, May 1, 2011.

  1. dicksrc51

    dicksrc51 Member

    I know this is probably a long shot, but if anyone knows how to track down an iphone 4 after is was stolen I need some help. Family member was mugged at gun point in Tallahassee, Fl and I am curious if this can be done!
  2. BC

    BC Well-Known Member

  3. dicksrc51

    dicksrc51 Member

  4. RubberChicken

    RubberChicken PimpMasterT

    Don't waste your time or energy. The cops don't give a fuck-all about recovering your property. That's not their job.

    If you had pre-installed tracking software, you could go and find the mugger and jack him up with your pistol, gangsta style. Then the cops will get interested. In you.
  5. firstcherokeeki

    firstcherokeeki Rides like a girl!

    As fun as that sounds, re-read above post. It says I want to know if it is possible, and if so the info will be handed over to the police. And before I get bashed too much, I forgot to log dicksrc51 out before I posted.
    Last edited: May 1, 2011
  6. KovzR6

    KovzR6 Well-Known Member

    99% sure the software has to be installed.... but even when the phone is turned off, its useless... if the sim card is removed... useless...

    its more to find a "lost" phone
  7. Dits

    Dits Will shit in your fort.

    Here's how you do it:

    About eight years ago, my truck was broken into and my phone was stolen out of it. I called it and the dumbass answered. The conversation went thusly:

    Thief: "Whaddup?"

    Dits: "Hey, you broke into my truck and stole my phone."

    Thief: "Who dis?"

    Dits: "Listen, someone stole my phone. I understand that you probably bought my phone on the street, but it's got a lot of stored numbers in it that I don't wanna replace. Tell you what, I'll meet you down at (local downtown bar) at 9 pm and I'll give you $100.00 to buy it back."

    Thief: "Ok."

    The dipship showed up at the local downtown bar at 9 pm and tried to buy it back from me...

    and two cops in plain clothes. Iditio! He tried to run and got face-planted on the sidewalk. Fucknut turned a third degree felony burglary of a conveyance into a second degree felony dealing in stolen property. :crackup:

    As the "victim" I agreed to three years of probation if he wrote an essay on why stealing was wrong. He violated within two months. :up:
  8. firstcherokeeki

    firstcherokeeki Rides like a girl!

    I wish, the phone has been turned off. I know that if I can get someone at AT&T to give me the IMEI # it can be traced that way, but I don't know how to do it. I just want the douche bags caught, and I know the cops aren't gonna do the leg work for this.
  9. Stillie

    Stillie Off that like Jay-Z

    I believe the IMEI is also on the back of the original packaging. You can get it from ATT but the plan holder will need to contact them for that info.

    Just so everyone knows, Apple now offers the "Find My iPhone" app and service for free. You just need to download the app then register for a MobileMe free account. You will be able to track the device as well as remotely lock and wipe it. All of this is a moot point if they pull the SIM.

    I use it all the time because my toddler relocates my phone for me and it's always on silent. The app let's me send an alert to it that will make it beep, even on vibrate.
  10. joec

    joec brace yourself

    my old sprint phone would just flash "please drop in a mailbox or take to a local sprint store if found" or something of the sort. i could also lock and wipe it remotely. which is cool" no sim card in that phone....so thats sorta cool too.
  11. teamneon

    teamneon Well-Known Member

    if android has an app that can be installed "after" its stolen i cant believe apple doesnt have something similar.
  12. firstcherokeeki

    firstcherokeeki Rides like a girl!

    That is what I said but I can't find one. And the really shitty part is, I guess this has been happening alot around FSU campus. My younger brother is not the first one. Has been happening over the last few weeks and cops have come up with nothing. If they would get off their asses and trace the phone, they would find the person's responsible for the rash of robberies. How f'ed is that?
  13. Eric_77

    Eric_77 Well-Known Member

    AT&T has a track family members option that can be turned on by them and that allows tracking of any gps phone.

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