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DECKED Truck Toolbox.

Discussion in 'General' started by SirCrashAlot, Jan 26, 2023.

  1. SirCrashAlot

    SirCrashAlot Well-Known Member

    Anyone here have a truck toolbox made by DECKED?

    Their website alone is almost enough to get me to order. Seeing if you folks might have any informed opinions on them.
  2. sharkattack

    sharkattack Rescued pets over people; all day; every day

    I don't have one, I have a hard tri-fold tonneau instead, but from what I've seen, they are pretty damn stout. I'm still a little old school and prefer a black diamondplate aluminum toolbox. I don't think they've been out long enough to get any long term reports/reviews. Weatherguard, for example, has been making toolboxes forever. I had one on my last truck and it was built to last.
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  3. SirCrashAlot

    SirCrashAlot Well-Known Member

    It's funny because I've been looking at weather guard. Evidently the newer ones aren't the same quality as the previous generation. The welds on the ones I've looked at are laughable and they seem easily dented. I do like the power sync options though.
  4. sharkattack

    sharkattack Rescued pets over people; all day; every day

    That’s a shame about the new Weatherguard. If I recall, UWS is supposed to be a decent toolbox as well. Maybe I’m just old (55), but a plastic (I know, I know…it’s not “plastic”) toolbox is just going to be a hard sell for me.
    I gotta run; I gotta tell some kids to get off my lawn!
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  5. DaveB

    DaveB Just Riding Around

    I've got one but only had it on my previous truck about a month before that truck was totaled due to getting rear-ended by an inattentive driver. Haven't put it in my new truck yet until I get my bedliner sprayed in. So far have been happy with it but obviously no long term report. Seems well built and as far as I could tell all their claims about it are true but only time will tell.
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  6. sharkattack

    sharkattack Rescued pets over people; all day; every day

    There’s just something about a diamondplate toolbox that just looks bitchin’ on a pickup.
    Now I’m looking at the UWS site, shopping for a toolbox!
  7. wera313

    wera313 Well-Known Member

  8. SirCrashAlot

    SirCrashAlot Well-Known Member

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  9. wera313

    wera313 Well-Known Member

  10. SirCrashAlot

    SirCrashAlot Well-Known Member

    I pulled the trigger on that one.
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  11. sharkattack

    sharkattack Rescued pets over people; all day; every day

    Those Chandler boxes look really nice! Now I’m talking like Chandler Bing and annoying my wife; it’s a gift! Haha!
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  12. dobr24

    dobr24 Well-Known Member

    Those Decked systems are really nice. Talked to a guy with one that was fully kitted for hunting. He loved it. Everything was out of sight, out of mind. lot of scratch for it though.
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  13. acorn27

    acorn27 4 out of 3 people in the world struggle with math

    The last place I worked, some of the electricians had pickups fully set up with Decked slideouts. They also had toppers on the bed. When you get the cases and boxes they offer for the drawers, you can build a really nice efficient setup. They do obviously make your truck bed a lot shallower, but in the right application they are great. Very heavy duty and I saw no issues after quite a few years of use.
  14. I built one with a single full width drawer for our 2004 Suburban. I absolutely love it. Keeps guns out of sight and I only loose the 8" or so of height.
  15. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I helped build a homemade version for a trip to Maine in a Chevy Luv in 1978 :crackup:

    Worked great for sleeping on the platform with all our stuff below it, no pimping roll out drawer tho, just hinged trapdoors.
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  16. ChemGuy

    ChemGuy Harden The F%@# Up!

    Did it have carpet on it? If so, I think I rode in the back of that luv to the middle of nowhere Baja in about 79 or 80...lol.

    Ahh the 70's when everything, no really EVERYTHING needed carpet.

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  17. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Nope. Just plywood, kind of a last minute thing before we hit the road. Doubt she would have sold it by 79 or 80 too.
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  18. I call BS! Ain't no damn way you fit in a Luv box or cab!
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  19. tgold

    tgold Well-Known Member

    I looked on the Decked website and I liked it right up until I saw that the price is the same for my 5 1/2 ft bed as it is for an 8 ft bed. No way I'm going for that.
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