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Dave Roper's List of Race Tracks

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by Hate McDead, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

    I noticed that there are or were a couple of tracks here in the states that you don't have listed. Did you never race Indianapolis Raceway Park, Wentzville, MO or Brainerd? It is too late for IRP and Wentzville, but not Brainerd.
  2. ravedoper

    ravedoper Well-Known Member

    No, never raced at IRP or Brainerd. As I said, I stopped by Mid-America Raceway in Wentzville, Mo. On my way back from racing at Heartland Park (Topeka, Ks.) and walked the track. It was a long walk as I think the track was near 4 mi. long, certainly over 3. Cows were grazing on it. I'm sorry to have missed it; it looked like a good one in it's heyday. And, sorry to have missed IRP, Vineland, Marlboro, Riverside, Westwood, Vacaville, Cotati, ...............
  3. ravedoper

    ravedoper Well-Known Member

    Meadowdale, Greenwood Roadway, Harewood Acres, ..........
    Brained is an idea though. Problem is, I don't know if you can get there from here. Do they have any vintage racing there?
  4. ravedoper

    ravedoper Well-Known Member

    That may depend on one's definition of 'a straight up race'.
  5. ChuckS

    ChuckS Well-Known Member

    I once finished ahead of Mr. Roper in a race at Jennings.

    Because he crashed. :)

    I was proud just to have him in sight.
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  6. KMC


    Dave, I would define a straight up race as two bikes in the same class of similar vintage.
  7. Hate McDead

    Hate McDead Well-Known Member

    Let's light this candle for full clarification. What is your definition of 'a straight up race'?
  8. SundaySocial

    SundaySocial Blue and Gold

    "Daytona, Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Heartland Park, Las Vegas, Thunderhill, Miller, Steamboat Springs ... 114 total"
    Is it possible that this list omits Willow Springs, Firebird (AHRMA), Phoenix International Raceway (AMA-CCS ?)
    Reading over a list like this, reminds me of events from long ago, and many like minded friends. Two that we lost come to mind tonight; Doug Pedrick (WERA) and Pat Conroy (AHRMA). Gone but not forgotten.
    Ped's 'Haiku'; "Wheel's in motion, Knee's a draggin, Immaculate Sanity, Freedom, Tail's a waggin."
  9. Hate McDead

    Hate McDead Well-Known Member

    Thank you, SundaySocial, for reminding us that mere racetracks are gateway touchstones to humanity and our community. Particularly I'm touched by the memories of Doug Pedrick you've helped conjure up. We met at the then yearly Steamboat Springs event and hit it off quite well where upon he invited me to his place near there to work on my bikes. He had quite a place that was known for off road riding and even had Lyle Lovett there a few days earlier. For me, the high point of that day was when Ped gave me a copy of his poem "Wheel's In Motion". In many ways and at the time, that was a heck of a poem, perhaps a masterpiece even. AHRMA printed it in its newsletter once. (You wouldn't happen to have a copy in its entirety that you could share with us, do you? I lost my copy.) After seeing Doug at a few other tracks that year and the next, I very sadly heard he died quickly of cancer. He couldn't have been but in his mid 30s.
  10. ravedoper

    ravedoper Well-Known Member

    Is it possible that this list omits Willow Springs, Firebird (AHRMA), Phoenix International Raceway (AMA-CCS ?)

    You're quite right--I left off Willow Springs. I've updated the blog and the total is now 115.
    I never did ride at Firebird or Phoenix.
  11. SundaySocial

    SundaySocial Blue and Gold

    We were there for Lyle's visit, so I would guess that we probably met that year. I think it was 95, 0r 96, but I am bad at dates. He hosted a motorcyclists banquet of Beer and Elk Pasta (cooked up by the wives & girlfriends) for 30 or 40 people that year. Gracie the 'race bus' was hard to miss ... Cancer took Pat as well.
  12. Linker48X

    Linker48X Well-Known Member

    Dave, Not so sure you missed much by not riding Vacaville or Cotati...or Firebird. Various obvious problems there--Vacaville, the worlds fastest motocross, big big hole in the pavement in 100 mph turn 1.

    But Riverside, now that was a racetrack worth going to.
  13. ravedoper

    ravedoper Well-Known Member

    At Thompson in the late '70s, they had orange cones in the potholes down the back straight.
  14. ravedoper

    ravedoper Well-Known Member

    How about Carlsbad? That looked like it could be fun with it's jump.
  15. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    impressive list. Been trying to mark tracks off the "ridden" list and its been fun.
  16. Robin172

    Robin172 Well-Known Member

    Sounds just like as Nelson Ledges.
  17. Linker48X

    Linker48X Well-Known Member

    So I'd'a been lucky if they had stuck a couple cones around that Grand Canyon in Turn 1 at Vacaville. I found it with the front wheel and a purt'good Flying W resulted. Don't know how I didn't fall off or square the rim. As for Carlsbad, I never rode there on asphalt but did ride MX there a lot--really challenging, really fast, and dirt Carlsbad had jumps too.
  18. yamatr3

    yamatr3 Well-Known Member

    Dave, did you ever ride on the streets in Park City UT with AHRMA?
  19. ravedoper

    ravedoper Well-Known Member

    No, I didn't do Park City which, I understand, may have been just as well as I quess it was a bit of a debacle. I didn't do the Streets of Laconia with the USCRA either. And, it looks like I won't be doing the Coatesville Grand Prix, either as I'm already signed up for the USCRA's Fall Moto Giro. But it looks like it could be fun: http://www.coatesvillegrandprix.com/
  20. bogganman

    bogganman Well-Known Member

    Holy shit.I never knew what happened to Dave pedrick.He,Merhar and I had some great Wera battles in the nineties.He was on an armstrong 250 I think,and also the ex-Kris Bernstein T500 Suzuki. Fast rider.He invited me to his place in steamboat.But it never happened. I didn't get there till '97.

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