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Danny is at Jennings

Discussion in 'General' started by backcountryme, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. JJJerry

    JJJerry Well-Known Member

    Good thing the season hasn't started yet... Better call him, inquiring minds want to know.
  2. backcountryme

    backcountryme Word to your mother.

    Haha, I'll send him an email tonight. Not gonna promise you lot anything.
  3. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    No, I was hoping Dan was back doing riders meetings.
  4. vrc

    vrc Well-Known Member

    Welcome back dan!!
  5. SpeedyTide

    SpeedyTide 'Bama's Bad Boy


    Sounds angry! Lol...
  6. SpeedyTide

    SpeedyTide 'Bama's Bad Boy

    I timed Eslick a session or two before the end of today for 4 laps, and got 3 - 15.9's followed by a 16.2. The real testing will be tomorrow & Wednesday.

    I hear there's a special delivery being made for the test too! :)
  7. backcountryme

    backcountryme Word to your mother.

    I hear they are searching for some rear grip. And Danny is REALLY happy. Good signs.
  8. Paint Shaker

    Paint Shaker Tractor Motor Racer

    That's about what I would have guessed... I bet it gets lower... :D
  9. acwhite84

    acwhite84 Well-Known Member

    I got mid and low 15s. Buddy was on the geico buell team and now got picked up on the ebr team. They'll knock some more time off for sure! They had a problem with the exhaust being to loud for jgp
  10. apexspeed

    apexspeed Well-Known Member

    LOL THAT is no suprise! Im sure he'll make "adjustments" when needed. (Race Day)
  11. SnacktimeKC

    SnacktimeKC Well-Known Member

    Mark my words, if Danny does well on the Buell someone will call it a cheater bike. That said go Danny go! -Snack
  12. backcountryme

    backcountryme Word to your mother.

    Isn't it still smaller then the Duc?
  13. backcountryme

    backcountryme Word to your mother.

    No numbers, but my sources say they are making significant improvements. And Danny is still smiling.
  14. TrackStar

    TrackStar www.trackstar1.com

    I dont think they will show everything they have either. Danny should be smiling, he gets along very well with the Buells. GO DANNY!!!!!
  15. backcountryme

    backcountryme Word to your mother.

    No, I am sure they won't. I know they were struggling with rear grip a couple of days ago. I am sure with Erik working on that thing and Danny and May giving feedback they will get it worked out. That is three talented folks working together.
  16. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Thanx Johnny but it's now the Massingill report. :crackup:
  17. SpeedyTide

    SpeedyTide 'Bama's Bad Boy

    You're right! They're testing (improving), not track record testing. :)

    1190 Rotax V-twins with the HP & torque.... Two AMA talented riders.... on a technical track.... yeah, rear grip is gonna be difficult to find.

    While there on Monday, standing at start/finish, and hearing Eslick coming out of T11 on the gas.... you could hear it spinning up something serious! And of course out of T14, T6.... :)

    Looking forward to hearing how it went yesterday & today. :cool:
  18. backcountryme

    backcountryme Word to your mother.

    "Finished with three days testing at Jennings. Lots and lots of problem-free laps, which was great. Learned some stuff, and Danny started getting familiar with the new bike. Lots more power and grip than he has ridden before, so he was busy. Danny and Geoff were worn out at the end, but happy!"
    From EBR Facebook post
  19. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Mladin called the Duc a cheater bike when Pegram spanked him at Mid-Ohio.
  20. mtmansl

    mtmansl Well-Known Member


    Go Danny!


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