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Daniel Carcillo Psilocybin Concussion Therapy Webcast

Discussion in 'General' started by 27, Mar 31, 2024.

  1. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    Through many years of energy drink endorsements and the combined sports festivals I got to know a bunch of bicycle athletes and many of them suffer MCS. 20 years ago this August I put on the Cherokee Challenge extreme sports fest under the Red Bull banner and I think about half of the athletes that competed suffered then.

    not to be negative but remember Dave Mira who was training with Ben Boz, and just last week another NHL enforcer ended his life… they have a ten year younger life expectancy than the standard NHL players…

    so let’s all take care of each other and do what we can for others
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  2. iagsxr

    iagsxr Well-Known Member

    Just puts the brain in a relaxed state that allows it to recover.

    The owner of the first place I floated told me about a Big 10 football program that has it's players float intensively for a couple weeks post-concussion. She claimed the changes are visible on a brain scan.
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  3. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    that’s interesting… so they think the removal of stimuli is enhancing the healing process?

    I’ve always been the opposite as far as needing to do as much cerebral work/activity as possible… I feel if I rest and do nothing I lose my ability for cognitive function and expansion. I’ll do math and engineering and languages and anything to make my mind work… might be counter productive but I have no interest in doing a depravation tank as that disconnect from my senses is something I really do not like.

    Like cannibis… I don’t like it and can’t handle it and I explain it to my many friends and family that are beyond aficionados ;) that I don’t like the disconnection… I do recognize all the good things to come from it with humans having canniboid receptors and all but it’s not me… I do think it should absolutely be readily available for all for any reason though… it’s a plant…
  4. wsmc42

    wsmc42 Well-Known Member

    Check out Shawn Ryan Show podcast if you have not heard him. He is a big proponent of mushrooms and psycedelics for treatment of PTSD and traumatic brain injury. It has helped alot of vets.
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  5. iagsxr

    iagsxr Well-Known Member

    Yeah, a splint for the brain if you will.

    I'll tell anyone who will listen how good floating as been for my mental health and cognitive function, but I've had friends try it who absolutely hated it. I'm not about to say it's a one size fits all cure all.
  6. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your input and sharing what’s helped. I am well aware that nothing is a one size fits all remedy and even with extreme ends of recovery methods a combination custom tailored to the individual is usually best.

    I may post more about it but shortly I was very fortunate to have been using Psilocybin since my teens. Soon after my spiritual journeys began when I first returned to the Rez. I don’t drink or smoke or burn but I’ve always eaten psilocybin as an adult. That was repairing and saving my brain before any of us knew about it. Not until my 2014 concussion did we put it all together in how I’ve had so many concussions and am still functioning and normal… well as normal as I ever was :D
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  7. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    I’ve seen quite a few of his podcasts and besides the really interesting guests it’s really cool that he’s helping remove the stigma and helping others with his experience.
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  8. skidooboy

    skidooboy supermotojunkie

    You are pretty perceptive, you stated a few posts back, you thought I was in Canada... We live in Michigan but, own a vacation home in Northern Ontario, just the next community over from where Chris Simon (the nhl player who took his own life, last week) lives. I feel dumb not associating the two. My first thought was Pro athlete having a difficult time coping with regular civilian life but, the concussion thing really hits home. I didnt know Chris personally but, I had met and saw him in the area, fishing, etc... a few times. It is a very sad situation for those in it, and around it.

    My wife is medical so, I am going to rely on her to do some of the research on this for me/us. Thank you for this open and frank conversation on this subject. It is very timely, and you are right... We should do what we can and help others like us.
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  9. skidooboy

    skidooboy supermotojunkie

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  10. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    I’m much more perceptive now and it wouldn’t be so without psilocybin. Being in Michigan all you have to do is drive to Ann Arbor, so that part is easy for you… they’re available there and legal and they even have an advocacy festival there every year.

    Not sure what studies to have your wife look at but don’t be afraid… there are no bad side effects and even microdosing has proven hugely beneficial for many… many of us have started our elders on them too… I just listened to Carcillo talking about getting his parents started and how he had to word it for them to avoid the stigma

    Daniel posting about Chris is what got me to finally reach out to him and offer to share my experiences as my history goes back decades. As soon as they reported Chris’ death Daniel immediately and respectfully tried to get more awareness for the NHL to acknowledge the issue. He doesn’t want to change the game or even reduce fights he just wants the NHL to give the players a chance at informed consent. I guess the NHL refuses to make the connections.
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  11. skidooboy

    skidooboy supermotojunkie

    I am interested but, dont want to get the wrong stuff, or take too much and start trippin ballz. LOL! I am super thankful, you came out about this. we are about an hour from Ann Arbor so... Ski
  12. CBRRRRR999

    CBRRRRR999 Well-Known Member

    The non addict friends who've tried it are fans of microdosing K, X and the others.
    It is possible I co-discovered macrodosing.
    Pisses me off to see some pinche huero passing hisself off as a shamen to sell DMT by calling it ayahuasca.
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  13. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    I completely understand and after your research you’ll feel much better about it. Like many of the elders that we have taking them they’ll eat 1 small mushroom before bed. They don’t have any notices of anything, nothing to feel nothing changes, but after a week or so many are “feeling better” in general and us around them notice an improvement in their mood and memory and function.

    That’s what you’re looking for… I think… benefits without any real noticeable initial impact… you may notice after awhile that you’re seeing improvements and change your dosage to see if you notice bigger improvements…

    you’ll likely only find one psilocybin strain in Ann Arbor… and all of them have what your brain needs and be beneficial

    good luck and I’m happy to help
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  14. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    Pinche Putas! :D
    never had the chance and not sure when I’d be ready for that but it definitely interests me. When I need some answers that I think may need freed from within.

    I don’t have much experience with K but it’s all the rage lately…

    many a weekdays back in club days a nightly 1/4 roll would be perfect to balance you out.

    I use psilocybin like the South Americans use coca… put a couple stems between my cheek and gums and then often take it out when the right amount is ingested… put it back in as needed… don’t ever have to worry about too much for whatever I’m doing at the time…
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  15. JBraun

    JBraun Well-Known Member

    Don’t worry about the trippin balls part dude that’s kind of the point. :D
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  16. JBraun

    JBraun Well-Known Member

    I get that’s tongue in cheek, but it’s pretty crazy that Amazonian tribes figured out thousands of years ago that a root that has DMT can be boiled down with a leaf that contains an MAO inhibitor to make a drink that will send you to another place.

    You can speculate why they did it but trust me it wasn’t for the taste.
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  17. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan Well-Known Member

    Nice, congrats, had a couple of mushrooms in my day, floating a river in Colorado on a full moon at night was interesting, in Bali had a lot, it's legal there, the gili islands are beautiful, definitely makes you think
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  18. ungwaha

    ungwaha Well-Known Member

    This is such a great conversation. I am learing quite a bit from reading all these post.

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  19. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    I know you’re considering reducing your alcohol consumption… they’re also having great results using psilocybin for that too…

    They grow naturally all over the Caribbean/Central America too, like your home state of FL was before fungicides in cattle feed. Mexican blacks are really effective. Grab a bag from some locals next time you’re in port and try microdosing… like 1 a day just to see if you notice any changes from the tiny consistency available for your brain…

    and grab another bag for your recreational enlightenments :D

    all my best captain…
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  20. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    You guys still believe that?
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