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CB350 twin value

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by ChemGuy, May 5, 2023.

  1. joec

    joec brace yourself

    the little centerstand grab rail is the best part. probably 95pct of all of the ones i ever got were missing that thing. id say swing through baltimore and ill load you up with enough spares to sell and get your 250 back but i honestly cant bare the thought of someone else having to deal with the mountain of crap i still have. order jets and o rings for those carbs right off. 68/110 from what i remember. and diaghrams if you keep the stock carbs. petcock is probably frozena dnif its not, its gonna leak everywhere. lol. motors are stupid easy to rebuild. nos 1mm pistons and rings were getting hard to find last i looked. the cams and followers are always pitted. transmissions are bulletproof. brakes suck. looks all there. would be a great racebike project.
  2. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

    I've got a bunch of stock stuff laying around, too, if you need something. I'll be glad to get rid of it.
  3. skip75

    skip75 Well-Known Member

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