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Anyone ridden the Kayo MR150R

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by JTRC51, Nov 8, 2021.

  1. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    What are your impressions? I recall the 125 was based out of the TTR125. Seems the MR150R is based off the CRF150 (COOL)

    Thinking about getting one to parking lot train on and play at local small tracks :D
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  2. bncadvr

    bncadvr Well-Known Member

    I haven't ridden the 150 yet, just the 125s, but a few of my friends have 150s. They are turning good lap times on them, but out of the box they need some fine tuning. The main complaint is chattering under heavy breaking. My friends are experimenting with different brake disks and I think there was something about fork bottom ends too, but I don't have a Kayo and therefore are far from an expert. Some of them were jetted fine others needed some tweaking; this is from people who all live in the same area so it is a bike thing rather than environment.
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  3. Michael J

    Michael J Trackster and aspiring dirtbiker

    Yes, I have one. It was delivered in feb last year. So about 9 months ago. As Ben mentioned above, the bikes take some work to get them acceptable. The biggest hurdle is that the bikes lack popularity so there isn’t a great knowledge base.

    The bikes are not delivered fully setup. That is the first challenge. You have to set it up to spec to make it right. Mine was unrideable out of the crate. The carb was way off. SvRacing parts will tellyou the setting and it is on you to implement it. Once I did that the engine works fine and kicks easy. My first 2 months were spent figuring that out. You do not need to modify the bike or buy “high performance” upgrades. Just do basic setup.

    The brake problem Ben also mentioned is the bikes are devilered with warped front discs. We have (3) MR150 bike here in Houston bought around the same time. They all do it. You can feel it in the brake lever. Go on Ebay, get a round rotor for a minibike for $30 and bolt it on. Problem solved. We chased this for 6 months. Avoid the “wave rotors” on this bike and you are golden. Even the replacement ones are junk. The bikes stop very well. I feel no need to go for $300 high performance brakes.

    Stock fork also needs work as delivered. The bike has a bad tendancy to change its steering trajectory with throttle application. The fork lug modification SVRacingparts sells solves it. In my opinion, it is the first and only true modification you need. It makes the bike neutral handling like a Honda NSR.

    i also hated the rear shock on the Kayo. About as sophisticated as the diving board at the local swimming pool. I had an unused shock for my nsr50 so I put that on and it works like real suspension should. I had to mount it upside down though because of the shock resevoir the hose mount on the shock body is in the wrong place and hits the clevic for the upper frame mount. Ugly, but it works fine with parts I had. You can buy an upgrade shock though, no problems. The Elka is excellent.

    There are few choices available for GP type minibikes. Ohvale GP-2 is a great bike but significantly more $. The Kayo works well as long as you address the issues above. I finised the last fix a few weeks ago and set a personal best at our local track on the bike. Out of any bike I have ridden there. I also have a honda nsr50 and a Grom.
  4. zx250r

    zx250r Well-Known Member

    I've heard some parts are compatible with nsr/nsf like the tank, body work etc. Is the kayo frame pretty much an nsr copy other than engine mounts?

    Know if the tank or any other items fit? Wheels?

  5. Michael J

    Michael J Trackster and aspiring dirtbiker

    I have a spare set of wheels with rains on them. The brake disc on the front is on opposite sides on the nsr and the kayo. Does not mean it would not work, just means the wheel would have to be flipped.

    the kayo wheels are wider and significantly more metal (heavier). Have not investigated further what would be needed. Spacers likely.

    I do have the nsr shock on the Kayo. Mounted upside down as shown in a youtube video I posted. (Look for sportytoes channel on youtube). Had to mount it upside down to use it. already had it as a left over from the nsr and it had rebound and compression adjustments the kayo doesn’t.

    The Kayo has a completely different frame. Nothing at all in common with the Honda. And both the Kayo 125 and the 150 have different frames since the motors are so different.
  6. FastByKids

    FastByKids Tire Warmers What?

    Kids did some laps on the Kayo (I believe it was the 150) and the one positive they mentioned was it was comfortable.

    The owner came to the house with it and needed help with upgrading the carb. After we sorted he stated it had much better response and power. He put a lot of time and effort into it then sold it after getting it near sorted.

    Seems as though the Kayo's aren't exactly "turn key" and a certain amount of tolerance for upgrading and tuning need accepted.
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  7. StaccatoFan

    StaccatoFan My 13 year old is faster than your President

    So, for $3500 you can get one of these, and spend an extra $1000 in parts and time to sort it out before you can ride it.

    OR spend $4500/5000ish and get an Ohvale 110 that you uncrate and just go riding at the kart track.

    Penny saved...definitely worth it. :Poke:
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  8. FastByKids

    FastByKids Tire Warmers What?

    The more I think about the Kayo 150 the more intrigued I get. I'd get with Allen Settle and Blair Layton (both on FB) and ask them if an actual CRF-150 head/cylinder parts are interchangeable.

    These Chinese Engines usually come to the states really sloppy. Doesn't matter if you buy a Oh-vale / Bucci etc, at the end of the day mass produced at a high speed.

    If it was I and on a budget here is what I'd do. (If the CRF-150 parts play nice)

    Part 1 (Engine)
    1. Polish up those valves
    2. Install a true CRF springs and retainers (Chinese metal suck)
    3. Clean up the cylinder with a Dremel and knock off all the bugers and smooth things out. (Smooth out Air Flow)
    4. Get a performance cam and install
    5. Get a quality CRF piston and rings and install
    6. Unsure of squish but a thinner head gasket might work (Bump Compression)
    7. Upgrade to a quality Carb (Even OH-vale carbs are standard Chinese suck and they offer a upgrade to the Klien $$$)
    8. Match the carb to the intake to the head perfectly (Usually this is very sloppy with the gaskets restricting air flow. A 45 degree bevel with a Dremel---all helps with air flow)

    The above is very economical and can be done 4-6 hours depending on skill level.

    Part 2 (Suspension)
    I assume this will be a adult rider?
    If that is the case any chassis suspension out of the box will be ill. The Oh-vale standard suspension is absolutely laughable. In order to get a suspension equivalent to the Standard Bucci you better open that wallet to a additional $2k. However, any decent suspension guy should be able to sort the front and back economically on a Kayo.

    Part 3 (Enjoy)
    Go to your local track and troll the Oh-vales and CRF-150's. The best part is you will do it for pennies on the dollars and have a much bigger grin than them. Our team has always enjoyed beating money!

    I'd keep an eye out for a gently used example. Hell, I might pick one up to play with!
  9. FastByKids

    FastByKids Tire Warmers What?

    ^*** Just got confirmation a 2006 CRF-150F head parts are usable for this chassis.

  10. Poorna

    Poorna Active Member

    Hmm, I have a Kayo 150 that I am updating, no engine work though. Need to look into those high performance cams and valves.
  11. Michael J

    Michael J Trackster and aspiring dirtbiker

    Quick update from today. I tried the Kayo gas tank on the Nsr50. It is a legitimate option if you ever damage your NSR tank. Posted my notes on it on youtube if it helps look it up 15 years from now. Or when I need to do it and my old age is blurring the details.
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  12. Michael J

    Michael J Trackster and aspiring dirtbiker

    I have heard that as well. Looking for a CRF150F as a dirtbike in hopes I can have common parts between it and the Kayo.
    Had a Kayo MR125 motor blow up and seized a rod. It was a very well used racebike by the time it got to my team for endurance racing. The popular intel was it is the same as a Yamaha TTR125. While trying to rebuild it and splitting the cases, it isn’t. Enough very small differences that the yamaha parts didn’t work. I can’t confirm the Kayo 150 is or isn’t a match for the Honda.

    Don’t be shy posting what you find. Vested interest in what you discover here! :)
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  13. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    I would imagine the TTR motor, as a unit, would work better than some unknown wanna be copy. Is the mounting that much different on the Kayo?
  14. Michael J

    Michael J Trackster and aspiring dirtbiker

    If you are a regular at the track and are friendly, you can often get an invitation to ride that bike you are curious about. No better way to answer that question you have. Making friends is awesome. You’ll also get something that will outlast the bike your eye is on.
  15. FastByKids

    FastByKids Tire Warmers What?

    We are slowly transitioning away from the mini's and going to the big track. And wouldn't you know they are planning a go-kart track in 2022 in my ole stomping grounds---go figure (South Lorain).
  16. Senna

    Senna Well-Known Member

    There’s an MR125 for sale for $1,800 near me. Worth it at that price? Seems to be pretty clean.
  17. FastByKids

    FastByKids Tire Warmers What?

    "New Kayos in the crate are available for $3,495 w/racer pack!"

    Make sure you follow up with the previous owner on any upgrades.

    If you are looking for a chassis for practice laps I'd go for it. Just not sure how competitive in races those will be unless racing another Kayo. The 125 Kayo's have a hard time handling the current 110cc GP Chassis.

    If he is asking $1800 get $1500 in cash and take the bike home!
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  18. Senna

    Senna Well-Known Member

    Yeah, really just looking for more seat time. I'd like to find a KX65 but most are asking $3,000 for them now, plus I'd have to ship one to me.
  19. FastByKids

    FastByKids Tire Warmers What?

    Go grab it! You have some good information in this thread alone on what to look for!
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  20. KevinT707

    KevinT707 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the insight on the Kayo 150. I really thought about buying one to track, after selling my Grom (which sucked at the track).

    I also considered the YCF150, but was getting too many mixed opinions about them on the mini groups.

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