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Anybody dealt

Discussion in 'General' started by Banditracer, Jul 2, 2024.

  1. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

  2. racepro171

    racepro171 to finish first, first you must finish!

    7000 feed backs and 99% positive, thats the only thing i like about ebay still. you can message the past buyers as well. Looks legit
  3. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    Thanks, I've just started buying a little off ebay, just being cautious.

    How are you doing Jim ? Racing at all this year ?
  4. racepro171

    racepro171 to finish first, first you must finish!

    doing well, did one race a few weekends ago. since 5 years, destroyed the field in 600 on a 2007 gsxr. :crackup:, wasnt really worth the cost vs fun. rolling around alone, meh.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2024
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  5. Paddy O

    Paddy O Well-Known Member

    Based on this thread on July 3 I ordered a set of bodywork for a 2002 Yamaha R6 from the ebay site above. Big box showed up today with all of the correct, un painted pieces, but zero packing, just loose in the box. But it was only $177 plus $40 shipping, a little sand paper and I think it is ready for primer/paint. Got here quick too, I am impressed. I tried fitting the lower fairing and it looks pretty close, at least.
  6. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    I ordered the set for the ZX, it was $359, hopefully since I paid more they use packing material. :crackup:
  7. 27

    27 Well-Known Member

    Years ago we ordered some for an 1199 complete set delivered from China for under $350 painted… I didn’t expect much and when it arrived it was actually decent… I couldn’t imagine how they made it and shipped it so cheap so fast… figured must be in the super fast efficient automated production…

    nope… it had a few gnats in the clear and some by hand laying and finishing marks… so it was cheap hand labor…

    no idea how the materials are that cheap… the red base color alone is $80/pint

    hope yours is as good
  8. lopitt85

    lopitt85 Well-Known Member

    Another option for you is Auctmart. I've used them a few times with excellent results. My street bikes with their fairings get compliments all the time. Screenshot_20240710_185659_Gallery.jpg
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  9. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    Got the plastic today, so far I'm impressed. Each piece is individually wrapped in foam and the couple I opened look really good. Have to see how fitment is, not going to get to it for a couple days.
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