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Ahrma Is Unamerican

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by mainman, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. mainman

    mainman New Member

    Ahrma Is Unamerican



    Lets agree from the outset that everyone who goes racing wants to
    leave their daily life behind when they go to the track. People come to
    AHRMA and WERA events to escape controversy, not to engage in adversity.

    So why should you care about Rob Iannucci and Team Obsolete. Why,
    because you are an American and you and your organizations must be committed
    to fundamental fairness. Fundamental fairness means one puts principles
    above personalities. It doesn't matter if you or Jeff Smith or the AHRMA
    board of Trustees likes or dislikes Rob Iannucci or Team Obsolete. It really
    doesnt matter that Rob Iannucci and Team Obsolete bring the best motorcycles
    and best riders in the world to AHRMA events. What does matter is we, as
    Americans, and all American institutions, public and private, are always
    fundamentally fair and not only tolerate, but encourage dissent.

    Jeff Smith and the Ahrma board of directors engaged in a conscious
    and deliberate campaign to silence and harm its critics, Rob Iannucci and
    Team Obsolete. Hard to believe. How many of you have read your rule book
    cover to cover over the years? Jeff Smith and the Arhma board didn't like
    what Rob Iannucci and Team Obsolete did or said so they engaged in a
    conscious campaign to silence Ahrma critics.

    The following is some, but not all, of what Smith and the Ahrma
    board did to Rob Ianucci, Team Obsolete, Team Obsolete riders and

    Changed the rules. Smith and the Ahrma board changed the rules over
    and over again to silence their critics and do harm to Iannucci and Team
    Obsolete. I watched in disbelief as Smith and Ahrma deliberately engaged in
    a campaign to silence dissent. Smith and the Ahrma board didnt stop there.
    They tried and succeeded to harm those members who spoke up and/or allied
    themselves with Team Obsolete.
    > members were suspended,
    > members were declared medically ineligible,
    > members were refused authority to race if they registered on a Team
    > Obsolete bike,
    > members were fined,
    > members had their membership terminated.
    > members were slandered,
    > members were charged money for contesting Ahrma policy,

    All of this went on as Ahrma was defaming Rob Iannucci and Team
    Obsolete in its newsletter called him names and insulting his character.

    Has your sense of decency been offended yet? If not consider your
    organizations treasury. What Ahrma did, and continues to do, is spend tens
    of thousands of members dollars on attorney's fee to facilitate Smith and
    Ahrma's campaign to harm Team Obsolete and its friends.

    Try and get a truthful answer from Ahrma on what are the issues involved in the litigation and how much of the Ahrma's
    members money they have spent on Ahrma's campaign to harm others. Ahrma
    will not inform you, its shareholders. Never has. Smith and the Ahrma board
    now appear to have directed Ahrma close to bankruptcy in its nonsensical and
    mean spirited campaign to do harm to Iannucci and Team Obsolete.
    Whats the answer. Simple. Ahrma needs to tell the truth. Ahrma needs
    to tell the truth to its members about Smith and the past conduct of its
    board of directors. Start with TRUTH and RECONCILIATION. Ahrma needs to stop
    spending its members money defending the indefensible. Ahrma needs to tell
    the truth and rescind all the punitive rules it passed, tell the members the
    truth about how much money Smith and the board of directors has spent due to
    their vindictive conduct. Ahrma should tell the members the truth about the
    litigation. Publish the complaint and all the pleadings. All the information
    is public record and subject to public review. Why won't Ahrma officals
    disclose the infomation to its members. Ahrma should stop filing documents
    in court under seal. Inform the members of their waste and frivolous
    conduct. Let the members decide.

    > Here is the law.
    > Ahrma is a non profit Ohio corporation.
    > Ahrma members own ahrma. The members are the shareholders.
    > Ahrma board of directors are fiduciaries. They must act in the
    best interest of the members or they can be held personally liable
    > Ahrma members/shareholders have the absolute right to be
    informed on all matters of Ahrma. Ahrma officials cannot, in good faith,
    conceal the truth or advise the members that the members cannot be informed
    because of "ongoing litigation". The shareholders have the right to know
    truth about the waste, irresponsibility of Smith and the board of trustees,
    and how much of the members money the board is throwing away on litigation
    it has caused.
    > Ahrma officials, Smith, assaulted Team Obsolete riders,
    harassed team obsolete friends, and vested a national championship in Team
    Obsolete competitors who used illegal equipment after receiving notice.
    > Ahrma and its officials have the absolute responsibility to its
    members to be fair to all and tell the truth.

    as Ahrma members you wouldn't tolerate Smith and the Ahrma board of Trustees changing the rulebook because of the color of a members skin so why would you accept Smith and the board of Trustees changing the rulebook because of the content of a members speech?

    So, to say Rob Iannucci and Team Obsolete want to ruin Ahrma or
    bankrupt Ahrma is frivilous and irresponsible. Rob Iannucci and Team
    Obsolete and friends want to be treated fairly, the truth be told, not to be
    harassed or insulted at the track or in Ahrma publications, and the
    responsible Ahrma officials to be held accountable. It is the American way.
    Ahrma and its members should take remedial measures.

    Otherwise Ahrma should drop American from its name.
  2. wmayfield114

    wmayfield114 Well-Known Member

    Rob? Is that you?:D
  3. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    Mainman, I asked you a question when you posted the identical diatribe in the other AHRMA thread: who are you and what is your relationship to the parties involved?
  4. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    I doubt it, otherwise it would have been better written. :D
  5. phantom 309

    phantom 309 Well-Known Member

    we do know its someone with there head up his ass and I mean robs or do I mean both.:)
  6. Tinfoil hat charly

    Tinfoil hat charly Well-Known Member

  7. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Are there incorrect statements in the letter? Is it the 'style' of the letter you
    object to? The subject matter?
  8. phantom 309

    phantom 309 Well-Known Member

    Charles, it's the style.This whole thing makes a racer sick .Its just a big pissing contest. :down:
  9. Andy 338

    Andy 338 Member

    Sounds to me like the diehard Team Obsolete supporters are sounding kind of desperate. Things must not be looking good.
  10. phantom 309

    phantom 309 Well-Known Member

  11. sparksfarmer

    sparksfarmer Member

    Hey Mainman,

    I feel for you... I've never heard most of the complaints your making,,, How about you put together your proof that all this happened and explain who and how rules were changed and substantiate your claims...
    If they are true, they should be easy for you to systematically document. I'm sure Erik will let you post all your Proof on T.O.'s website. Keep in mind, opinion is not proof, fact with corroboration is proof. I welcome any fact you can give all of us so we are not living on Rumor And innuendo!

    Please let us know when you get the Facts posted...

    Like Jack Webb used to say,

    "Just the facts, sir!"

    I was not around 10 years ago, so hopefully your talking recent history. If this was more than 5 years ago, it would be unlikely that the same trustees are still in power. If some one is still in power, they may have had a change of heart. Please tell us ALL THE FACTS so we can sound intelligent when we talk to the trustee's.

  12. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I'm locking this one down to keep the discussion in one spot.
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