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93-95 ZX7 Help needed

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by Wingnut, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    Ok Vintage peeps.

    I just picked up a 94 ZX7, was an ex-race bike but is mostly stock has crashed up bodywork & a Muzzy pipe/jet kit.

    I started my racing journey back in 1997 on a 95 ZX7 so this thing brings back some memories already. But I need your help. I'm trying to source some decent parts for this thing, I need rear sets, clipons, guage/fairing bracket, brake calipers & rotors, bodywork and possibly a rear shock. Anyone have some parts laying around?

    Picked up the bike for $300 and I like to get it on the track for under $3500. total invested.

    Anyone have some good pics of the 93-95's for some inspiration??

    Thanks in advance.
  2. lance89

    lance89 Well-Known Member

    Kevin, James at Squidskins is where I got my body work he can make you just about everything wou want.
    I have a spare 94 zx7 that has freshly painted body work, fox shock old school rearsets, Hindle pipe, spare Yosh, it is in pieces though cause I was just getting ready to rering the engine (low on compression). This bike was Gerald Rothmans AMA supersport winning bike from 94. It was in a article in Sport Rider Magazine in 95. I'll make you a great deal on it. Lance 717-360-1805
  3. slower than u

    slower than u Well-Known Member

    Im still in the middle of getting my 93 back together . Seems my motor had some issues that we werent expecting , so , my refresh turned into a crank up rebuild - sigh -

    As for parts, your here so your on the right path . Woodcraft still does rearsets and clip ons for these bikes if you cant find used. I may have some oe ones if you want that style. Penske can build you a shock, but, its not cheap. theres a guy at Kentucky Cycle salvage named Adam , he has helped me find stuff for my bikes and saved me alot of cash, give him a shout - kycyclesalvage.com if I rember right .
  4. Motocon

    Motocon New Member

  5. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    I have a motor for a 92" that I would let go cheap.
  6. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    Well I'm about to restart this project. Pictures to come.....
  7. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    pictures as it sits

    Attached Files:

  8. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

  9. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    From 2011 to now.
    Ebay is your friend.
  10. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    Yeah this thing has been sitting in a shed in Phoenix for the past 10+years, I have never touched until today (March 2015).

    Have just got around to searching the usual places for race parts. Called Zlock, Muzzy, Graves, Attack, Airtech, Going to make a parts needed list and then probably take it down to the bare frame, get that checked out and then polish it up.
  11. Pepsi Drinker

    Pepsi Drinker Well-Known Member

    Clutch lever
    zip ties
    safety wire
    duct tape
    baking pan
    new tires
    and you are all set to race.

    See how easy that is and cheap too

    I am kidding with you.

    I had a former Muzzy bike, and it had tall valve seats in the head, too bad the guy I got it from let it freeze and it split in the cam chain tunnel.
    I never did get to ride that bike, but atleast I didn't get screwed on the entire deal either. he felt bad and took it back and refunded all the money. He even refunded the shipping expense to get it to me.

    ^ large part of why I buy new now.

    But good luck with that project, I always enjoyed seeing Russell kick ass on the zx7
  12. Pepsi Drinker

    Pepsi Drinker Well-Known Member

  13. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    You're in Fl?
    A lot of 96-up stuff fits these, but not engine stuff (obviously).
    I think I have a rear rim, it's 5.5", not 6" like the P models.
    Shock may be a sticking point.
  14. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

    If you buy new bodywork and want it painted I know a guy :D
  15. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    Well the key doesn't fit the tank cap.

    How can I remove the cap??
  16. pscook

    pscook Well-Known Member

    You have to remove all of the outer bolts around the rim, then drill out the cap to get to the security screw under the cap. The screw is a philip's head, and you have to drill a 3/16" hole (or the right size for your screwdriver of choice). If you take a thin pry bar you can pry between the cap and the ring and see the screw at the 2 o'clock position. I used a step bit on an EX500, just drilled until I almost touched the screw. You have to be pretty accurate, and I suggest putting something over the top of the screw so you don't accidentally drill the head and can't get it out.

    Here's a pic of the ring by itself, the screw might be more at the 3 o'clock. But it's on the RH side of the cap, you can just see it under the cap with a flashlight.

    Here's another ring, for location purposes.
  17. omnivore

    omnivore Well-Known Member

    As Lance said-get ahold of James at Squidskins.
    Back in the day, his ZX7 would give the factory guys fits.
  18. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    Did it just like you said and it popped right out. Tank looks really good on the inside, used a borescope. will still get it stripped and bathed.

    Frame and swingarm were dropped off today to get stripped, then I'll NDT for any cracks and then off to get checked to see if straight. Should be back next week.

    Not sure what to do with the forks. I can get the fork bottoms milled out to add the adjustment for rebound but will still need to get the legs re-anodized, the stactions redone and new internals and springs, seals and dust covers that might be like over $900. Is it worth it??

    RnR is making me a new Gauge and faring bracket-cool stuff. Spoke with Airtech about their WSBK bodywork. See if I can some sort of deal.

    Attack has a pair of used rearsets-sweet!

    Now trying to source a Muzzy or Zlock cable clutch conversion
  19. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    Why go away from that sweet hydraulic clutch? Just clean it out like brakes.
    On the forks, I believe they are the same size as the 96+, slide right in those triples & get better brakes to boot.

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